German Shepherd Dog Request to buy: Wanted: Well bred,socialized,good with dogs and pp (id: 265954)

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German Shepherd Dog - Request to buy

Wanted: Well bred,socialized,good with dogs and pp

Sent by Bodil

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Updated: Apr 13, 2018 12:16 PM (inserted 13 days ago) -> 1041
Looking to purchase adult intact female. Must be well bred, well socialized, good around people and dogs of both sexes and AD/HD tested free. DNA’d or microchip a must + Pet Passport w/ current rabies. I like a nicely pigmented red/black or solid black but disposition and health has priority so any coat/color considered. Some training preferred but will work with the right dog altho the dog should have good house-/leash- manners and a decent recall and preferably at least started focused heel. Will pay more for trained and/or titled dog. Bite-work OK but not important. This will be my 24/7 companion and hiking-partner and I’m only looking to do hobby-level obedience, tracking, nose-work etc. so a “wash-out” from working dog training program due to low drive may be perfect. Located in Norway and can pick up in Europe (or in Florida) altho shipping is preferred. Please send all relevant info with video (pref of dog in social situation, obedience demo or training..) along with asking price and info on guarantee (if any) offered. Guarantee a great active and adult home with prior working-dog, SchH etc. experience. Pls send SMS or txt to +1 (561) 350-6987 (US phone as my Norwegian ph: +47 922-56-450 is iffy..) Or look me up on Facebook and use Messenger - or send email to: B. Marc

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