German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Service dog...K-9 15 month old male (id: 265905)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Service dog...K-9 15 month old male

Sent by paj1212

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Kace is 15 months old, crate trained, bed trained, sofa trained, has been exposed to small dogs, basic obedience, rides well, good on all serfaces, open and closed stairs, great courage, will alert, raised with children, excellent drives. Full registration.

He will be a great candidate for: service, K-9, personal protection, sport or companion/family dog. His mother has consistently produced dogs with the ability to work...herding, obedience, agility, PTSD.

Please contact me only if you are truly interested and not just shopping, this is not WalMart nor Let's Make a dogs are from proven top blood lines.

Both parents titled and imported.

To see my reviews please go here: visit my website:

This email: are preferred I will not exchange multiple emails...if serious call me or I will be happy to call you. I am always extremely responsive.

Phone: 731-983-0982


Service dog...K-9 15 month old male

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