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German Shepherd Dog - Puppies for sale

Exquisite Working Line Puppies for Sale (WUSV Cham

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D-Litter Puppies from Vatenn German Shepherd Kennel

DOB March 12, 2018

3 Males & 1 Female

$1500 with 1 yr Health Guarantee

We are pleased to announce the availability of our D-Litter Puppies. Two Sable Males, One Black Male, and One Sable Female. This is a Repeat breeding of Two Awesome dogs with Phenomenal Pedigrees. These Puppies will be BIG-Boned litter ALLIGATORS. The puppies from the first breeding of these two dogs matured into very hard dogs with Great Fight Drive and DEEP DEFENSIVE BARKS. All the dogs in the first breeding had Good Hips and Elbows. We kept two females for breeding purposes so I KNOW that they make Solid Breeding Stock.

These Puppies are Currently being CORRECTLY Socialized under the Oversight of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. This includes: Early Environmental Stimuli, Varied Surfaces, Adult Dogs, Small Children, Adults, Motor Vehicles, Strange Sounds, etc.

The Puppies are being reared in a hip/elbow friendly environment, i.e. on a farm with varied terrain where they can play and exercise at their own pace on soft surfaces all day long. We also give daily liquid Mega-C doses to the Puppies in accordance with protocol recommendations by Dr. Belfield.

We are located in East Tennessee. The puppies may be picked up at our home or we will ship them to you for an additional charge. If you prefer your puppy be all natural and not receive vaccinations prior to sale then you will have to pick them up at our Kennel as it is not possible for us to ship unvaccinated puppies across state lines.

Imagine the Opportunity to Own a Puppy who Can Deliver MORE!!! Personal Protection, Schutzhund, Search and Rescue... These are all Possibilities with a Puppy from THIS Litter. The Last Litter to Offer this RARE combination of Genetics!!!

If you would like more information or more pictures of the C-Litter puppies call us NOW!!! at 423-340-1119 and ask for Tony or visit us on facebook at Our email is


Pedigree Notables

3X SIEGER WUSV (2012, 2013, 2014). 2012 SIEGER BSP, 2 X 300 P. IPO3 V (LGZS) Hank vom Weinbergblick (grandsire)

WUSV: VICE-SIEGER, HIGH A, HIGH B, 4X WUSV. SCHH3 SG Aceofnike van het Bleekhof (grandsire)

SCHH 3 10X(LGA 2X) V Vito vom Waldwinkel (great grandsire)

SCHH3 (3X BSP), IP3 V Tyson von der Schiffslache (great grandsire)

1999 WUSV SIEGER SG Tom van't Leefdaalhof (great grandsire)

Exquisite Working Line Puppies for Sale (WUSV Cham

Pedigree of D-Litter from Vatenn German Shepherd Kennel: Duke von Vatenn

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