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Excellent trained and socialized GSD male for sale

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General description:

Jaki z Jirkova dvora is a purebred male, which is fully trained in obedience and personal defense. He is strong, friendly dog with excellent pedigree. Jaki is suitable dog for family and their protection. He grown up in family with children from 1 to 17 years. Jaki doesn't attack other dogs. He is used to live with other dogs and he is also in close contact with other dogs in training center which we visiting 2-3 times a week.


Price & shipping:

price is 4500 USD + shipping costs (it depends on the final destination). A transport cage is included in the price.


Health Condition:

Jaki is in very good health condition - our veterinary says: „His results are as perfect as athletes’ results“ ;-) I have got X-rays of his HIPs, Elbows and Spine and also his complete blood count - If you are interested in ask me for it via e-mail ( and I will provide them you.


He is trained in these situation:

- Dog defend of the handler and his family, home and property.

- Dog show and stop aggression on command.

- Dog alert and show aggression towards the threat.

- Advanced On / Off Leash Obedience, e.g. Come, Sit, Down, Place, Loose Leash Walk, Off Leash Heel.

- Dog release the threat and return to the handler.

- Dog know to work at disturbing noises, e.g.: shooting, train, car,...


Training videos are on our YouTube channel:

For additional info please contact me:

Excellent trained and socialized GSD male for sale

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