German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Black Working Female (Currently in Heat) $1,500 (id: 265104)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Black Working Female (Currently in Heat) $1,500

Sent by geraldelkins

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Audi is a mostly all black female German shepherd with just a little bit of tan on her legs she comes with full akc reg and full breeding rights with pedigree pulse she is a great guard dog,she does bark when strangers go by but she is not a excessive barker just let's you know when people are around or passing by i think if tested or someone came into her yard she might bite a stranger,she is ok around people and kids and is a mellow dog she does not get into things of destroy the yard either and i have tried her out on bite sleeve she will bite it but other than that that's it she is not trained but she would be a great prospect for someone who has the time to train her as you can see she has a great working line pedigree,she just started her heat today 3/11/18 first day so if you want to buy her to breed her you still have plenty of time and i move pretty fast on shipping so you can have her with plenty of time to breed her and i also have a couple of nice looking working lines males i own she can be breed to for a stud fee so if you are interested please give me a call so we can talk about things.
She Started her heat 3/11/18
Please Call me Directly I Do Not Take People Serious Who Text I am a People Person Call Me Let's Talk
Please Serious Buyers only
Price $1,500 + shipping $600 = total $2,100

Black Working Female (Currently in Heat) $1,500 Audi Vom Banks-haus

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