German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: (Czech Import) Working Line Male $1,500 (id: 265031)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

(Czech Import) Working Line Male $1,500

Sent by geraldelkins

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I have for sale a very nice Czech Import male his name is Rick Ajaxova Uranie his hips and elbows are done and i still have them on cd to be viewed he is also trained in Czech to do bite work and who also has a great excellent temperament he can do bite work and he can also be your pet and be around people and children he is not dog aggressive and does not excessively bark a lot and he is not destructive which all makes up for his great temperament as you see in his pedigree he has working Czech dog mixed in with show Czech and west German which all plays a great roll in his great temperament he is not fixed and comes will all his paper work Czech pink papers and his pass port so if you are interested please give me a call the price is firm but also i think the price is very fair i am selling him for the cost of what it would b to import a dog so if you know the prices then you know what i am talking about ok thanks i hope to speak with you soon about Rick. DOG INFORMATION (Czech Import) NAME: Rick Ajaxova Uranie DOB: 6/16/2015 AGE: 2yrs Price $1,500 + $600 shipping= Total $2,100 Please call and speak with me directly (No Text Messaging Please) Don(510)375-9175

(Czech Import) Working Line Male $1,500 Rick Ajaxova Uranie

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