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Black showline female for sale

Sent by Acelin German Shepherds

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This is a rear oportunity to have all black show line. This long hair female is an import from Russia and is avaialable for

sale. Amazing conformation, nice gage, beautiful walk, great potential for show.



OKD-2, ZKS-2    is an amazing Long Hair male and won many shows, he is the son of OKD-2, ZKS-2

BONx3, CACx6, CACIBx1, R.CACx1, R.CACIBx1 Ingermanlandiya Alexandr OKD-2, ZKS-2


Dam:  Ljustikhof Black Vilvet  OKD-2, ZKS-2



Price: $3500


Call: (360) 539-8981 or txt: (858)344-1990 or email:


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Acelin German Shepherds

Black showline female for sale

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