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Daughter of IPO3(SG-WUSV-WM) Pablo V. Hamersslag
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VA1 Ballack son ! Pink papers. Super bite work
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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Very nice German Shepherd dog for sale

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Sell ​​a very beautiful German Shepherd dog. He is 3 1/2 years old, black Brown. He has a very balanced nature and has no problems with children. He is in very good health condition, ED and HD normal. Ole has the IPO 2, as well as the breeding approval (licensing). He has already covered and offspring. He likes to play with the ball and enjoys driving. In 2017, he received the highest rating on the Bundessiegerzuchtschau as a participant of the Working Dog Class Male-Excellent. more information, photos and videos can be found at:

Very nice German Shepherd dog for sale

For Sale: Ole von Sankt Raphael: Ole von Sankt Raphael IPO 2, AD

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