German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: glamorous young female excellent preX Rays and pe (id: 262752)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

glamorous young female excellent preX Rays and pe

Sent by Karena888

Czech Republic   CZ ←→ Posted from Czech Republic

Updated: Dec 14, 2017 04:43 PM (inserted 5 weeks ago) -> 725

I offer for sale young black sable,medium size (58cm)fast, skillful promising female. Her preX Rays excellent (picture with chip number), she is healthy for breeding. registered FCI, no problem for AKC, she has all teeth.

She is fine, very active,loves people´s society. She needs family, or active owner for sport - she loves balls and high drive on helper. Is being prepared for trial IPO - she loves tracking, obedinence with food and balls. She loves swimming.

video : TRACKING - OBEDIENCE - DEFENSE - STAIRS to the cellar

more videos from city and social by mail no problem


In her pedigree sounds names like Extreme Orex Aykmar ( WUSV), Jagga Ja-He(sister Jaro Ja-He (WUSV), Ellute and Vicky von der Mohnweise.. from father Black-Jack von der Teufelskehle

all pedigree here


send me mail - references from USA

my youtube page

my facebook page

Best regards Alena

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glamorous young female  excellent preX Rays and pe

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