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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale


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<< Great stud male for sale​ >>

                     V-1, SG-36 (JKL) BSZS 2014 PAKI TOPOLOVNICKI
 (3xSG1, SV HD+ED normal, HD ZW 76, DNA gepr., BH, IPO3, SV Kkl)

An image

Father: V1 Parkos vom Pendler : SchH3, IPO3, HD/ED normal, SV Kkl
(V1 Tyson v. Kötersbusch - VA Chakira vom Pendler)
Mother: V Kristina-Tina Topolovnicka : IPO1, HD/ED normal, SV Kkl
(V1 Oxford v. Radhaus - V Bina vom Bonihaus)

▶ Paki is BH & IPO1 + IPO2 IPO3 titled and have breeding license (Kkl) from SV-Germany.
He have done in SV and DNA test for origine and HD & ED research with the best possible result: HD a-normal & ED normal

An image SV Körung *valid 2017/18 passed am 29.05.2016 (körmeister: Marco Oßmann, Germany)

An image

▶ Paki have very good performance > he is among the first in different special shows for GSDs in Germany, NetherlandsBulgariaCroatia, Bosnia. Here are some of them:
🏆 The Best dog in Bitwork test (TSB) V-2 (GHKL) : Bulgarian Sieger Show 2017 in Asenovgrad am 21.10.2017 (judge: Gerd Reims, Germany)
🏆 V-2 ViceSieger (GHKL) : Annual club specialized show for GSDs in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria am 
16 september 2017 (judge Nancy Herms, Germany)
🏆 SG-1 Sieger (JHKL) : III Specialized show for GSDs in Prujedir, Bosnia am 19.10.2014
(judge: D. Shule)
🏆 SG-1 Sieger (JHKL) : XII Specialized show for GSDs in Osjek, Croatia am 27.09.2014
(judge Heinz Scherer, Germany)
🏆 SG-36 (JKL) : SV BSZS 2014 in Nürnberg, Germany (judge: Hans-Peter Fetten, Germany). 
🏆 SG-2 Club ViceSieger (JKL) : Clubmatch Friesland "De Walden" 2014 in Burgum, Netherlands (judge Hans-Peter Fetten, Germany)
🏆 SG-3 (JKL) : SV LGZS (LG05) in Voerde/Ndrh, Germany am 15.06.2014 (judge H.-P. Fetten)
🏆 Repeatedly Excellent 1st/V1 in working class : FCI Dog-shows (2016-2017)!

Снимка на Ivan Yonkov. An image
 At the Annual Club Specialized show for GSDs (September 16th, 2017) Paki won the second place (V-2) and becoming "Club ViceSieger". The SV judge Nancy Herms from Germany say that is not Sieger only because in the day of the show is total out of coat!!!
An image  
 Bulgaria Sieger show - 2017 : 21. October 2017 (judge: Gerd Reims, Germany)
Paki is the Best dog in TSB test V-2 (GHKL)

An image
 Paki - 1 place by SV judge Heinz Scherer​, Germany!

An image
 In the most elite race for GSDs - "SV-Bundessieger-Zuchtschau /SV BSZS/" (The World Championship for GSDs) in year 2014 Paki occupies one of the most prestigious places (SG-36)and is rated in the Top 30% in JKL-R in one competition with around of 120 participating dogs from all the world! In this top race Paki is ranked before many club champions (JKL & JHKL Siegers) and many "VA" rated dogs from the different local sieger-shows:
 - SG-37 Taifun vom St.-Michaels-Berg (VA-4 : USA (GSDCA) Sieger Show 2016)
 - SG-39 Chester vom Zschaitzer Land (SG-1 Sieger : Spain Sieger Show 2014)
 - SG-47 Demant's Nahar (VA-3 : Finnish Sieger Show 2016)
 - SG-54 Hunter vom Haus Tchorz (VA-2 ViceSieger : Poland Sieger Show 2016)
 - SG-63 Cristiano Ronaldo de Los Madriles (VA-2 ViceSieger : Spain Sieger Show 2015)
 - SG-66 Milton Vac-Vagvölgyi (VA-2 ViceSieger : Romania Sieger Show 2017)
 - SG-67 Hubert del Campo de Gibraltar (SG-2 ViceSieger : Spain Sieger Show 2014)
 - SG-70 Lingo Feetback (VA-4 : USA Sieger Show 2016 & SG-1 Sieger : USA Sieger show 2015)
 - SG-77 Slug dei Templari (SG-1 Sieger : Switzerland Sieger Show 2015)
 - SG-94 Xedgehog Solo Rigoletto (VA-2 ViceSieger : Latvian Sieger show 2016 & VA-4 :
    Russia Sieger Show 2015)​
 - and many more very good dogs, winners in different specialized shows!

▶ Paki web (info, pics, video):

▶ Paki is realy great producer. He have fantastic offspring in many countries:GermanyAustriaCroatiaBulgariaBosniaSloveniaSerbiaUSA etc.
Pakis progeny is characterized with very good constructed dogs, which possess his father's beautiful type, excellent anatomy, super colors, expressive heads with nice dark mask.

Many Pakis kids are winners in specialized shows in different countries in the world! 

Part from the Paki progeny:

 Vico v. Brabus (HD+ED normal, rated among the first on shows in Croatia & Slovenia) >>

Снимка на Ivan Yonkov. An image

▶ Elena vom Brabus (HD+ED normal, located in Germany). 
Elena is repetedly high show rated in Germany (SG2 Vice-Siegerin : Specialized show on 08.10.2017 in Potsdam-Zehlendorf and SG3 : JLGZS (LG02) on 05.11.2017 in Pasewalk >>

Снимка на Ivan Yonkov.
▶ Miro vom Haus Linde (HD+ED normal, sold in Austria)
Miro have super show performance: V1 Austria sieger2xSG2, SG72 BSZS 2017, etc >>

An image Снимка на Ivan Yonkov. An image An imageСнимка на Ermina Pasovic.
 Paki daughter from M-litter "vom Haus Linde" (sold in Slovenia) >>
An image An image

▶ Tajga v. Haus Linde (6 mon. old, very good show performance in baby class, sold in Serbia):

Снимка на Bojan Jankovic.&px;" /> An image▶ Tito vom Haus Linde (6 mon. old, repetedly among the first in baby class, sold in Serbia):

Снимка на Бата Балевић.  An image Merelin v. Haus Linde (located in Slovenia) 1 place Class-Sieger, Specialized show in Slovenia >>

An image  An image▶ Milla v. Haus Linde (HD+ED normal, repetedly high show rated)
SG-2 Vice-Siegerin (8 female in ring) > Speciality show for GSD - 19 november 2017 in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria (judge: Eugen Ecker from Germany) >>

Снимка на Живко Георгиев.
▶ Aronn Topolovnicki (HD+ED normal, located in Slovenia) >>

An image

This is only small part from Paki progeny! He is produce many more nices dogs!

More info:
e-mail: haus-linde​



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