German Shepherd Dog Stud Dog: V Yuxx von Arlett IPO3 KKL (id: 262262)

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V Yuxx von Arlett IPO3 KKL

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V Yuxx von Arlett IPO3 KKL 
HD ED a1/a2
VA Pepe vom Kuckucksland IPO3 KKL x V Sylvie von Arlett IPO1 KKL 

Richly pigmented true black and red male with substantial bone, full coat, and dark mask. Strong and masculine with striking movement and beautiful structure. Excellent character and temperament with phenomenal working ability. Recommended to improve pigment, color, structure, and temperament 

Breed survey:
Grosser, mittelkräftiger Rüde mit sehr gutem Ausdruck und Pigment, hoher Widerrist, sehr gute Oberlinie, gut gelagerte Kruppe, gute Vorhand, sehr gute Hinterhandwinkelung, die Vorbrust sollte sich noch etwas austiefen, sehr korrekte Front, vorn und hinten korrekt tretend, bei festen Sprunggelenken zeigt er kraftvolle Gänge mit wirksamen Nachschub und guten Vortritt. Wesen sicher, TSB ausgeprägt, lässt ab. 
V. Besondere Vorzüge:
sehr ausdrucksvoller Rüde mit sattem Pigment

Breed survey: 
Large, medium strong male with very good expression and pigment. High withers, very good topline, well positioned croup, good forehand, very good rear angulation, the chest should be somewhat firmer, very correct front, steps correctly coming and going. He displays a powerful gait with firm hocks, effective rear drive, and good front reach. Sure character, TSB pronounced, lets out. 
Special recommendations for breeding:
Very expressive male with excellent dark pigment

Stud fee: $800
Located DFW TX and KY
Frozen and fresh chilled available 
Females must have passing HD/ED and current brucellosis
Discounts for multiple females 

V Yuxx von Arlett IPO3 KKL

V Yuxx von Arlett IPO3 KKL

V Yuxx von Arlett IPO3 KKL : V Yuxx von Arlett IPO3

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