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Top working, very good blood

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Was born 28.10.2017. I write something about mother - Winx Manepo Ideál - She is very good female, she has first class breeding, she is excellent on the show and she has very good healt and nothning problems. Now she has 8 exam and she was several times first on racers. About her nature : she loves any work, she´s working for me, she loves me and my familly , she guardin of my small son. But yet she is very hard on defences, she loves nose work and about obedience, she is perfekt, loves balls. Now she will be have first puppies I think, she´ll be great mom. Father - Cherokee za Stříbrného kamene - is very very hard and solid dog. He is strong and his strong applies in work. He was great placed from a lot of championship , he is very young ( 4 years ). You can write for more information :

Top working, very good blood

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