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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

VA Fichtenschlag grandaughter

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Beautifully bred almost 2 year old, VA Illiano vom Fichtenschlag SchH3, RCI3 granddaughter, with Holtkampfer bloodlines as well, looking for a new home. "Kerta vom Haus Kuhn" has no inbreeding/linebreeding coefficient in her pedigree making her bloodlines one that could be crossed with any male. With well known VA and V in her pedigree as well, she will be able to produce some very nice show/working pups. Kerta is a very pretty black and tan stock coat who, chances are, carries a black gene (from her dam's side) and could possibly produce black pups if bred to a black or black factored male. Her next heat cycle should be late December, early January, which would be perfect for a breeder looking to add a breeding age female to their program. Very sweet girl, does well on a leash, reserved towards strangers. Up to date on vaccinations and dewormed, is also friendly with other dogs. Kerta will come with full AKC $1,300.00 + transport. For more information on Kerta vom Haus Kuhn contact 937-630-0365 or to see her in person call 501-253-6231 to arrange viewing. Tilly, AR

VA Fichtenschlag grandaughter

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