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Why choose a puppy from us? ONLY TWO MALES AVAILABLE! Let's start by asking why you chose a German Shepherd Dog.... Maybe you want to feel protected at your home, a faithful family companion, special task service dog, sport/competitive dog, or you're a first time GSD owner who's always dreamed of owning such a spectacular breed. I am obviously very biased, who wouldn't want a German Shepherd as a best friend. They're Loyal, Intelligent, Brave, and Noble among many other wonderful characteristics. As a breeder I want to make sure a GSD is a good fit for your family. You live in a one bedroom apartment and don't exercise often, probably not the appropriate breed. This is because they require exercise and mental stimulation. Otherwise, they can become destructive, encourage bad behaviors, physically not healthy for the dog, and not fun for the owner. A question often asked... Why do you help us pick the puppy, I want the puppy to choose me. Since I have been able to help raise them since day one I know their personalities and can help match your wants and needs to each individual puppy. When you pick up your puppy you will receive all of the necessary paperwork including; AKC papers in hand or mailed directly to you already registered, no paying additional fees or hassle trying to send it in online or through the mail. I enjoy doing this for owners because I want it to be one step easier for people to get involved with AKC dog sports! All puppies are also microchipped through AKC Reunite Program and paid, no yearly fees or forgetting to renew. Your pup gets lost or stolen, this is the only real way to identity your dog. We're also offering a One Year Paid for Pet Insurance Plan, most of he cost for your new puppy is during that first year. So many checkups! As a trainer, I want to be here for all my puppy buyers. We're offering with this litter FREE four week group class between (16-20 weeks of age). I also offer a 50% discount on Board and Train for the lifetime of the dog. Basically you pay a boarding fee and your dog will get trained too! This breed does require training so our discounts and group classes will help cut the cost in the long run. Most trainers are charging anywhere to $1500-3500 per week for Board and Train. Thank you to my past and present clients who have decided to purchase a puppy from Fame Kennels. I look forward to working with new clients and sharing love for this breed. -Taylor

Europe Import West German Showline Puppies

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