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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Black Sable Import - BH, AD, & IPO1!

Sent by danandapril03

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Furia Stary Samotar BH, AD, & IPO1 Hips 0/0 Elbows 0/0 Slovak Import 2 year old gorgeous black sable female. Furia is a gorgeous black sable female, with deep pigmenting, correct structure, a very pretty feminine head, good ear set, and dark expressive eyes. Furia is a more compact, athletic dog. Very quick on her feet and fast to the sleeve. She also has very high ball and prey drives and loves to work. She is a higher drive, intense, dominant type female - truly the old school working Czech type female. She does settle nicely and has a good off switch. She is intense and a thinker, but isn't go go go all the time. She settles very well and is non-destructive when not working. Furia is the epitome of a working female. Her pedigree is packed full of proven, old school Czech lines, all titled and top producing working and family dogs. When crossed with Iron, she will produce very well rounded pups with solid drives, calm dispositions, and beautiful pigment and structure. Located in Montana. Proven mother, had a litter of 7 by Qvido Vepeden. Easy whelper and excellent mother. www. vomberkhaus. com. *the picture is of the wrong female, it won't let me change it. The picture in the pedigree is correct. Also more pictures on the website. $7500

Black Sable Import - BH, AD, & IPO1!

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