German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Black Sable Import - Zvv1, KKL1, 5V1/P! (id: 261035)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Black Sable Import - Zvv1, KKL1, 5V1/P!

Sent by danandapril03

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Updated: Oct 19, 2017 04:55 PM (inserted 11 days ago) -> 1242
Hanny z Jan-Ru SG Rated KKL1 ZVV1 Breed Survey 5V1/P Hips 1/1 Elbows 0/0 Czech Import 3 year old gorgeous black sable female. Hanny is a large, powerfully built female, about 85 lbs, with good bone and conformation, and a beautiful, broad, expressive head with perfect ear set. Her head and build are almost masculine in appearance, she is a very stout, impressive looking girl. She is also a gorgeous deep black sable. She has been raised in a family environment and is stable and clear minded, with a strong civil side and good defensive drives. She will protect for real, but she is also a cuddle bug and loves attention and children. Hanny has a very impressive, very deep Czech working pedigree. She is line bred 3-5 on Tom z Pohranicni Straze, the great Czech police dog, and also has other Pohranicni (Czech border patrol) lines. In fact, EVERY dog in her 4th generation pedigree has earned working titles! She is an own daughter of Fox z Lounskeho Chovu: IPO1 (95,96,97), 2 (97,92,93), & 3 (96,88,96), VD rated, BH, UVZ, and 5CV1/P. Fox is a large, gorgeous black sable male who is extremely proven on the field and producing exceptional working dogs. Hanny's dam is Dona z Jan Ru: ZM, ZVV1, ZPU1, BH, IPO1, FPr1, ZPO & ZZO. She is an extremely sucessful working dog in her own right and is also showing herself to be a wonderful producer as well. $5500 located in Montana She will be in heat around the end of the month!

Black Sable Import - Zvv1, KKL1, 5V1/P!

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