German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Great 9 mo old Male for Sport or Work (id: 260725)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Great 9 mo old Male for Sport or Work

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Calvin is an 9 month old male from a nice working pedigree. He has great promise for sport or work.

Calvin has excellent hunt drive & loves the ball. Good food drive as well. He has been very lightly started in tracking where he’s shown great promise. He’s started in obedience & familiar with clicker training.

In protection, he has a naturally full, hard grip & he is coming along nicely with Schutzhund style protection work.

He is environmentally sound & has been exposed to many different environments & surfaces. Good with people & other dogs.

Crate trained & also used to being in a kennel.

He loves to work & is a perfect age to take in any direction you want.

All teeth, both testicles. $2,500 - reasonable offers entertained - price to increase with further training


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Great 9 mo old Male for Sport or Work

Calvin Ut Prosim: Calvin Ut Prosim

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