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5 Month Old Started Male Puppy

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Introducing Ike! Ike is a very special German Shepherd male puppy born April 30th 2017. He is from my breeding program, info on parents, pedigree, and health guarantee can be found here:

Originally held back for service dog training with a client in mind that required a working dog capable of extensive task training for mobility assistance and to mitigate a sleeping disorder and PTSD. After a few weeks of promises to pay deposits and to find funding from organizations that wanted to help her and a couple more weeks of no communication Ike is available to someone else.

Ike has over the top food drive and good toy drive. He has had very limited bite work training due to his intended handler's local service dog laws (NYC) but is being started as of yesterday. He has potential to be a real monster. Ike is environmentally sound and has no problem barreling through whatever to get food or a toy. Ike is confident, motivated, and kind. He will hang out quietly and wants to be with people. He is a very social and stable dog. He neutral to other dogs of any size and any age. Great with other animals including cats and chickens.

Ike is house broken and crate trained. He retrieves, has great leash manners, handler focus, and some obedience training. Ike is very well behaved and outgoing. At home and away he is a joy to work with.

Ike will make someone a great working dog and/or family companion. He is available now for $2,500 If you would like Ike to be trained further as a service dog or personal protection dog please contact me for more info. Ike and training can only be reserved with a deposit. No sob stories please.

5 Month Old Started Male Puppy

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