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VA5 Quoran d' Ulmental daughter in heat

Sent by die3grazien

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VA5 Quoran d' Ulmental daughter in heat for sale. 

2 y/o. d.o.b 23/7/15

Her mother is VA1 Ober v. Bad-Boll daughter.

The best bloodlines. All VA dogs last 15 years in her pedigree.

Quoran - Vegas - Pakros - Bax - Yasko - Ursus - Remo - Dux - Ober - Quantum - Rickor - Zamp - Esko - Janko etc.

HDa normal - EDa normal  - DNA gepruft. All by SV. BH - IPO1

60cm, strong bones, big head, red pigment.

SG titled many times by SV judges.

Can be mated next 10 days with any male in germany on request.

Big opportunity for correct and healthy breeding.

Shipping worldwide.

Price equal for her pedigree and quality.

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VA5 Quoran d' Ulmental daughter in heat

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