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100% East German Litter- 1 male available

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100% East German Litter. All puppies are black. 7 M 3 F

Whelped 7/28/17.....

Sire: U-CH Vulcan von Huerta Hof

​DOB 05/04/2015

AKC DN43628605

Hip: OFA Good prelim 20 mos - Elbows: OFA normal prelim 20 mos

Other health issues: Cardiac normal, DM Clear

Vulcan is another pure East German male, free of Sven/Sando, and going back to several dogs I have long admired. Vulcan's sire was INT/UKC CH Eik vom Clausberg, SchH3 TD IPO3, who was linebred on DDR-MS competitors Birko vd Wolfshohle and Dina v Gran Sasso. Vulcan is linebred 2-5,5 on Eik's sire, LGA competitor Tino vom Felsenschloss. Vulcans' dam side carries LGA competitors Aron vom Sachsentraum, Muchta v Schwarzhorn, Brando vd Marderklause, and BSP competitor & DDR-MS Sieger Irko v Peri-Hof. Vulcan's maternal Great-grandsire was Alk vom Osterburg Quell, a world-renowned Champion Police Dog and son of the legendary Lord vom Gleisdreieck, multiple DDR-MS Sieger and Europasieger. Vulcan's dam, the beautiful Noche von Kistha Haus is linebred 4,5,7,7 - 5 on Lord.


Dam: Glory vom Alt-Ostland

DOB: 11/26/2011

OFA GS-91733E38F-VPI

Sire: NATL/UKC CH Troas v Haus Cimmerian

OFA Good, EL normal DM Clear

Dam: UKC Pointed Jordan vom Alt-Ostland,

OFA Excellent, EL/CA normal

Glory is linebred 3,4-4 on Don vom Haus Iris, one of the greatest producers of East ;German working dogs.;(Click HERE ;for more on Don and his progeny)Glory is also linebred 5-5 on Zorro v Laager Wall and Neumann's Jim. That combo with Don, I have found to bring strength and balance in my lines ;She is also linebred 7,8-7,7,8 on Held v Ritterberg and 5-8 on DDR-MS competitor Birko vd Wolfshohle. Glory's Great grandsires Muchta vom Schwarzhorn and Brain vd Sperlingsbucht are both LGA competitors, while Brain's dam and granddam were both BSP and LGA competitors.

Photos of pups @ 6.5 weeks....

100% East German Litter- 1 male available

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