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100% East German Litter- All Black puppies

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100% East German Litter. All puppies are black. 7 M 3 F

Whelped 7/28/17.....

Sire: U-CH Vulcan von Huerta Hof

​DOB 05/04/2015

AKC DN43628605

Hip: OFA Good prelim 20 mos - Elbows: OFA normal prelim 20 mos

Other health issues: Cardiac normal, DM Clear

Vulcan is another pure East German male, free of Sven/Sando, and going back to several dogs I have long admired. Vulcan's sire was INT/UKC CH Eik vom Clausberg, SchH3 TD IPO3, who was linebred on DDR-MS competitors Birko vd Wolfshohle and Dina v Gran Sasso. Vulcan is linebred 2-5,5 on Eik's sire, LGA competitor Tino vom Felsenschloss. Vulcans' dam side carries LGA competitors Aron vom Sachsentraum, Muchta v Schwarzhorn, Brando vd Marderklause, and BSP competitor & DDR-MS Sieger Irko v Peri-Hof. Vulcan's maternal Great-grandsire was Alk vom Osterburg Quell, a world-renowned Champion Police Dog and son of the legendary Lord vom Gleisdreieck, multiple DDR-MS Sieger and Europasieger. Vulcan's dam, the beautiful Noche von Kistha Haus is linebred 4,5,7,7 - 5 on Lord.


Dam: Glory vom Alt-Ostland

DOB: 11/26/2011

OFA GS-91733E38F-VPI

Sire: NATL/UKC CH Troas v Haus Cimmerian

OFA Good, EL normal DM Clear

Dam: UKC Pointed Jordan vom Alt-Ostland,

OFA Excellent, EL/CA normal

Glory is linebred 3,4-4 on Don vom Haus Iris, one of the greatest producers of East ;German working dogs.;(Click HERE ;for more on Don and his progeny)Glory is also linebred 5-5 on Zorro v Laager Wall and Neumann's Jim. That combo with Don, I have found to bring strength and balance in my lines ;She is also linebred 7,8-7,7,8 on Held v Ritterberg and 5-8 on DDR-MS competitor Birko vd Wolfshohle. Glory's Great grandsires Muchta vom Schwarzhorn and Brain vd Sperlingsbucht are both LGA competitors, while Brain's dam and granddam were both BSP and LGA competitors.

100% East German Litter- All Black puppies

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