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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Adult Working-Line Male!! Personal Protection

Sent by BellShep8

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I am rehoming a 4 year old, sable German Shepherd male. Abel is AKC registered, UTD on vaccinations, and current on heartworm medication.

Abel was given to me last May when his previous owner just couldn't handle his drives and power any longer. Abel's ball drive and focus are through the roof. He will do anything for his ball.

I have put a lot of obedience on him and he is almost ready for his BH.

Abel is confident and has completely stable nerves (new locations, different surfaces, gun fire etc. does not bother him)

He is not aggressive to children, but he will run them over if excited.

In bite work, he works in defense and has a hard grip. His prey drive is very minimal.

Abel will make someone an amazing personal protection dog and companion. Abel is truly an amazing dog, and if I was in the position to keep him, I would.

The catch with Abel is the fact that he was hit by a car as a young puppy, and the bones in his rear end did not heal the way they were suppose to.
Nevertheless, he runs, jumps, twists, and turns without any problem. I took x-rays of his hips 2 weeks ago; if you are sincerely interested in him please message me for those photos.

I am asking a small rehoming fee, but Abel will not go to an unexperienced home. He is a good type of crazy, but he is crazy.

Here is his pedigree:

For more information please call me at (205) 441-5121 or PM me.
I am in Birmingham, AL

Adult Working-Line Male!! Personal Protection

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