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Sent by Artaxias

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Updated: Aug 01, 2017 01:07 AM (inserted 3 months ago) -> 3704
Inka is very powerful breeding female, she has crazy ball and hunt drive. she is very good good with all surfaces and is good socially except if new people try to touch her she gets aggressive against them. she just turned 5 years old this summer, she has had 2 litters, with 9 in the first litter and 11 in the 2nd all very healthy on both litters. 5 of her puppies are working iPo homes and doing very well!! hips are clean and elbows are perfect. the reason I'm getting rid or her is because she is my dads dog and docent want to breed anymore, and the reason I don't want her is because I just train dogs not breed. if you have any questions just call or email me. (502)-727-1572. ask $3500


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