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TOP Working Line female

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Slovakia   SK ←→ Posted from Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

Updated: Jun 19, 2017 03:58 AM (inserted 2 months ago) -> 3252
Black female Davina - Home name Brita - nice temperament live indoor with family, very strong and hard defence. Absolutly perfect for IPO or personal protection. Perfect social breeding female. She has SVV1, BH/VT. Breeding tests: 5CY5/45 P. She loved work . Defence video : Defence video : Defence video : Obedience video: Her father V Hunter vom Champ IPO3, SchH3, 2 x BSP 07.06.2009 BH 05./06.2010 SchH1 (94-92-99) 07.11.2010 SchH2 (99-90-98) 02.04.2011 SchH3 (94-96-98) 22.05.2011 SchH3 (96-95-93) 19./21.08.2011 LGA Bayern Süd 8. Platz (100-90-94) 14./15.04.2012 LG-Qualifikation 2. Platz (98-92-95) Obedience and tracking too very talented. X Ray HD-normal and ED-fast normal. Contact : Jozef Olearčin - mobile: 00421 905 544 645 or e mail:

TOP Working Line female

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