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VA1 BSZS Cobra D'Ulmental's Male Puppy

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1 male is available out of VA1 BSZS Cobra D'Ulmental and imported from Europe daughter of VA1 BSZS Mentos Vom Osterberger-land Mendy von Johnnie Hof. Cobra is son of VA1 Remo. Puppy just turned 4 month old. Priced $3,000 plus $300 shipping in USA. CALL: 573-525-8189 TEXT: 573-525-8189 email: info@vonzwingervanda.com We are in Lake of Ozarks, Missouri, USA website for more info and pictures: vonzwingervanda.com

 VA1 BSZS Cobra D'Ulmental's Male Puppy

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