German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Czech Import, V Fred Denbrix IPO3, SON offered for (id: 256209)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Czech Import, V Fred Denbrix IPO3, SON offered for

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3 year old Czech Import Male. Already in the U.S !

needing to downsize due to life changes.

Dark sable longhair male, very pleasing type, big, strong bones, nice masculine. 3 years old, FCI and AKC registration hips 0/1 elbows 0/0 Expect show successes in his class. Naturaly extreme social dog, very strong nerves, high intelligence. Very good natural manageability. He doesn't have high predatory instinct for high level sport, but he will be excellent for all-purpose training on IPO level or other. Good with dogs, other animals, with children, surfaces, .. He is used to being in the home, in the car etc. Very easy training for food. He has training for defense and extensive work on the sleeve , his work is very perspective and goes up rapidly. Both parents have strong feeling for family living and protection, though mother is better for real civil protection and father has possibility for high sport. Both are extremely balanced dogs. both testicles intact, has sired 2 litters.

$2600 plus shipping

Videos of Richi:

father: Fred Denbrix

mother: Clea z Lomnickeho


Czech Import, V Fred Denbrix IPO3, SON offered for

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