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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Very large strong male

Sent by konigderhimmel

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Vlad is a 2yr old very large proven stud.

He weighs 95lbs, and is around 28 1/2" at the shoulder.

He has sired 3 healthy litters. He is the dominant gene, all pups take after him! His progeny goes on to excell in IPO, PPD, Police K-9s, etc.

Vlad is a civil male, with high intense drive. He would do well as a personal protection dog, and would be a great addition to any breeding program.

Vlad has great protection/bitework foundation already set in. He has solid socialization, and works well with experience handlers. (bitework videos available)

$2,300 please contact 407-620-9089 for additional information. He comes with full AKC. Located in Orlando, FL (Shipping available upon buyers expense)

Very large strong male

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