German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: 4yr old - Czech / German (OFA) DM Clear 92lbs. (id: 255146)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

4yr old - Czech / German (OFA) DM Clear 92lbs.

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Taylors Apollo von der Weizenfelder

4 yr. old Stud Dog

For Sale $2000

Too many MALE DOGS!!!

OFA Good Hips / OFA Elbows Normal

We have had a coat color and coat test done along with other Genetic Testing.

He is DM CLEAR (See following Picture)  Clear all the following diseases!!!!!
An image

He does carry a long coat Gene.

Apollo has to be sold to an experienced (High Drive) Dog handler.  He has some separation anxiety issues.

He does well when paired with a non dominant female (Housed with)

If housed alone (He is a large strong boy) and will get out of most any enclosure!

We have him housed with a female, he does just fine (Wants companionship)

When housed alone you must have:
Welded 6ft. Kennel with TOP
Concrete Base
Double Kennel Latch that cannot TURN (One at bottom and top) - He can push the bottom kennel door so hard and bend it out if a lock is not on the bottom as well.  He is a super strong boy.

Hits a SLEEVE very hard.  VERY!!!!

An image

An image

An image

An image

Smart and trainable.  Cannot be crated in a box crate (Will destroy and escape)


He would make a great addition to someones breeding program.  Nice Large Boy.  Just needs a secure enclosure.

Will kill cats.


Located in Lindsborg KS

We can have him shipped to you (You pay Shipping)

We can give you a SHIPPING QUOTE in the USA.


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4yr old - Czech / German (OFA) DM Clear 92lbs.

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