German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: 1x SG1 & 2x SG2 young GSD FEMALE with Shipping (id: 254071)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

1x SG1 & 2x SG2 young GSD FEMALE with Shipping

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Name:  Yona V. Ljulin 

DOB: August 10, 2015

Show titles:  1x SG1 & 2x SG2

Weight: 28 kg  

Height:  59 cm

Hips/Elbows: normal/stamped

Country of birth: Bulgaria

Papers:  FCI Papers

Registrable with AKC: Yes

Price with shipping included: 4800 US Dollars to international airport in the USA only

Sire: Mexx V. Ljulin, V, BH, IPO1 HD: (a) normal ED: (a) normal

Dam: V, Sg1 Litia De La Madonina, HD/ED  normal

Gabi is a small female german shepherd with low to medium drive, good anatomy, calm temperament and well socialized. Good with children, people, and other dogs. Has good show experience with great ratings for such a young age.Great for show exhibition, breeding, or family companion.

Call today for more info.

Francisco: (401) 489-1680

Stephanie: (401) 659-6096

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1x SG1 & 2x SG2 young GSD FEMALE with Shipping

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