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CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011 - Dog:V BRIT Eqidius

CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_1CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_2CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_3CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_4CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_5CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_6CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_7CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_8CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_9CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_10CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_11CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_12CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_13CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_14CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_15CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_16CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_17CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_18CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_19CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_20CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_21CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_22CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_23CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_24CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_25CACIT IPO-3 Sankt Peterburg 2011_26


The German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog

Many breeds of dog become popular because they have one or two distinct characteristics that people admire and appreciate. But what perhaps sets the German Shepherd apart from other popular breeds is the unique constellation of attributes that these dogs possess. Loyal, loving, tranquil, intelligent, athletic, eager to learn, cheerful, serious, strong, handsome, dignified – these adjectives can all legitimately be used to define the personality of the highly respected and beloved German Shepherd (GSD).

  • General Grooming of Dogs

    Food, shelter, exercise and regular visits to the veterinarian are all a part of the basic care package that accompanies dog ownership. However, there is one more important aspect of proper canine care that must not be forgotten or neglected, and that is grooming. In order for a dog to stay clean and healthy, proper hygiene must be maintained, and given that dogs can do little more than lick themselves to remove the occasional annoying substance, grooming of your animal is your responsibility.

  • The American Bulldog

    When one thinks of the bulldog, the image that first comes to mind is probably that of the English Bulldog, with its squat build, round head and distinctive “face that only a mother could love.” But there is another kind of beloved breed of bulldog: bigger and more athletic, and ruggedly handsome where the English Bulldog is charmingly ugly. This is the American Bulldog, a breed that almost literally came back from the dead to become widely popular as both a working dog and a family pet.


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