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The History

Xero vom Schloß Friedenstein born on Apr 22, 1978
Xero vom Schloß Friedenstein
Niwarta vom Falkenstein born on Jul 19, 1912
Niwarta vom Falkenstein

Sample photo gallery

Elmo Weisse Agram with progeny OG Komen SLO - Dog:VA Elmo Weisse Agram

Elmo walkingElmo show "stand"ElmoElmoElmoElmoElmoElmo with NatekElmoGreat Ghandi is stil living in Elmo...Elmo with Martin - "Fuss Elmo, fuss!"ElmoElmo&MartinNikola&Elmo&SapoProgeny with Lara od KovacicaUna with Elmo and his sons Pat and Pino od KovacicaElmo with his progeny out of Lara od KovacicaPat od Kovacica showing his cup in ringPat showing his cup in ringUna&Nikola&PinkaBye - Elmo&Martin


Different Dogs: Different Exercise Needs

Different Dogs: Different Exercise Needs

All dogs need to be exercised everyday in some form or fashion.  The most common method is through the walk around the neighborhood, but is a short walk around the block enough exercise for your particular dog?

  • The Importance of Titles, Health Screening and Breed Surveys on Breeding Stock

    Historically, dog shows and other related events were developed with a very specific purpose in mind – to select and recognize those dogs with the best breeding characteristics, in order to guarantee the future health, stability and vitality of individual breeds. The practice of dog breeding is dedicated to this purpose, and dog breeders have a responsibility to do what is best for the breeds with which they choose to work. 

  • The Importance of Socializing Your Dog

    The personality of a dog is flexible and indeterminate. Dogs can be exuberant or shy; friendly or hostile; fearful or bold; aggressive or passive or some combination of the above. These differences in personality may to some extent be determined by breed, or individual genetics, but for the most part it is based on how and to what extent each particular dog has been socialized.

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Mini quattro

Mini quattro

Inserted:6 minutes ago
Female (2845986)
Father: No information about the Sire
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by quattro5
Talantel Hakamada

Talantel Hakamada

Inserted:6 minutes ago
Female (2845985)
Gaia Urbalupi

Gaia Urbalupi

Inserted:9 minutes ago
Female (2845984)


Inserted:10 minutes ago
Female (2845983)
Father: Zilber Wasserfall Elfinn
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by Zommer
Island von Sofanga

Island von Sofanga

Inserted:11 minutes ago
Male (2845982)

Sample premiums

AKC Black German Shepherd Puppies - Ready 3/15
22:04 31 Jan 2019
United States
22:40 25 Dec 2018
00:08 26 Jan 2019
United States
Holland working dog Champ 2nd WUSV with daughter o
Wilderness kennel
22:03 20 Jan 2019
United States
You have choices! ALADIN vom Bergmannsland IPO3
00:33 12 Jul 2018
United States

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