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VA1 Ballack son ! Pink papers. Super bite work
Male for sale

Black, High Drive, OFA Good / Normal
Female for sale

Rico Vergossen
Male for sale

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The History

Enno vom Beilstein born on Mar 29, 1975
V Enno vom Beilstein
Blitz von der scharfen Lanke born on Sep 29, 1921
Blitz von der scharfen Lanke

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The Life Expectancy of Your Dog

The Life Expectancy of Your Dog

When you decide to get a dog, you are doing so with the expectation that your new canine companion is going to be with you for many years to come. But how many years, exactly? This is something that all prospective pet owners would like to know. The average lifespan for a dog is about 12 years, but this fact by itself tells you very little. In reality, there are a number of variables that will help determine how long the newest member of your family is likely to be with you.

  • The Role of Diet and Exercise

    There are many factors that come into play in the mental and physical health of a dog, but perhaps two of the most important are diet and exercise.  Diet and exercise aren’t just important for the high energy performance or working dog.  They are key for the average pet dog as well. 

  • An Introduction to Agility

    Agility is one of the fastest growing sports with dogs of all breeds and styles taking part.  It is a challenging, fast paced, and exciting training experience for both dog and handler.

Recently added pedigrees

Ober Wolfisch Cave

Ober Wolfisch Cave

Inserted:2 minutes ago
Male (2745765)
Yuu de Cavalcan

Yuu de Cavalcan

Inserted:25 minutes ago
Female (2745764)
Gold Csatad

Gold Csatad

Inserted:2 hours ago
Male (2745762)
Father: Eskan vom Winnloh
Mother: Gáborland Schery
Created by filer
Alien von der Staatsmacht

Alien von der Staatsmacht

Inserted:4 hours ago
Female (2745759)


Inserted:6 hours ago
Female (2745749)
Father: Geronimo Gadis From Hismerh
Mother: Neena vii
Created by MBBShepherd

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Top Working Line German Shepherd Litter
14:32 15 Mar 2018
United States
Working Line AKC German Shepherd Litter!!!!
04:42 27 Feb 2018
United States
Beautiful VA Memphis & VA Pepe granddaughter
Esteemed K9
17:36 21 Mar 2018
United States
German shepherd puppies/ import parents
01:40 11 Mar 2018
United States
(Czech Import) All Black Working Male
00:40 10 Mar 2018
United States

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