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by GSDzip on 14 February 2013 - 06:02

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K-9 Specialists in Colorado. If you love dogs don't ever use them. petr is a scam. He sells  frightened dogs that bite out of fear they're not protection dogs they're fearful scared animals. I had a very bad experience with him and would never recommend anybody to buy a dog from him. It took me thousands of dollars to retrain this poor dog I bought from him. But it will never be the same. The dog he sold me also wasn't worth as much as I paid for it he overprices his dogs. Buyer beware! He calls himself a trainer I would let him train my fish. He said that he trained dogs for police I think somebody should call the police on him. I wish I would've seen this before got a dog from him.

by crazyhorse on 14 February 2013 - 18:02

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May I ask what dog you are talking about. I have had dealing with Petr.

by Abadonsdad on 14 February 2013 - 23:02

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Yes i to would like to know what dog. i have had dealings with Peter , and have foud him to be more than honorable .

by Von Ward Kennels on 15 February 2013 - 00:02

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I think bashing one trainer/ dog broker or seller from one dog experience is wrong. I have dealt with Petr, researched him long and hard, could not find any negatives on him (until now) and would not hesitate to buy from him again.
I talked to a head of k9 at a local police dept. in Petr's area and he has bought many dogs from him and was more than happy.
I also met with and talked to people in my area that have bought from him and they were also more than happy.
If you were not happy with your dog, I am sure he would have replaced it.  

by GSDzip on 15 February 2013 - 05:02

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Well then you must not be that good at googling things. My mistake was I just didn't look from the start.  I blindly trusted.... my mistake. I'm just putting my experience. So that other people don't have to go through the same thing. Just google his name or his company name and the word scam and watch a whole bunch of stuff pop up. Why would you ask me what dog ?  Are you trying to defend him because you work with him?... Are you part of his brokering operation? I also would like to say that I believe he's a little crazy and would prefer to keep my info private. Once again just my personal opinion.

Oh and Abadonsdad 
it is monday 6.38 colorado time i need to know how far apart puppies come don;t they just have them all at once? please not to sound stupid just need to know " -Abadonsdad
How would you know what is honorable when you can breed puppies without even knowing how far apart they come? To recognize an honorable person you must be honorable yourself!

by Weezy on 15 February 2013 - 17:02

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Oh My, I have been considering doing business with Petr. 
If any of you have had personel experience with his training on your own dogs please PM me with pros and cons.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.

by Abadonsdad on 16 February 2013 - 00:02

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GSDZIP; PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE NOT QUESTIONING MY HONOR!!!, As far as how far apart puppies come, it is different ,not everytime, but most of the time. i have had a dog that stopped delivering,its over right? washing puppies i heard more puppies . she had two more over a period of 4 hours.but that is one of the 2 litters i have had, i am not a breeder! i now have a german shepherd rescue , although small i do what i can. So if you would like to discuss what i know about Honor in detail, please feel free to look me up in denver, we'll chat. i have takin some of petr's dogs that were retiring , or were to low drive , not thier fault just not protection dogs. so insted of throwing these dogs away , he gave these dogs to me and they now have wonderfull homes, and as petr he calls or e-mails often to find out how these dogs are doing. this is what i know , this is the man i know , and that was what i am speaking. but since you questioned my Honor without even knowing me, i feel that readers will take that into consideration when reading your post,have a glorious day sir . 

by K9 Specialists on 16 February 2013 - 01:02

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hello everybody..I just have few words to say:
1.EVERY single dog I sell/sold ,comes with written contract ( will send it to you upon request), so in case that ANY of my clients would doubt dog's quality, can take legal actions against me
2. If I am not happy with provided services, I'd see how I can result such situation first before I'd talk bad about you ( I am not aware of anybody contacting me about quality of purchased dog)
3. If there's such bad dog this person is claiming, I am sure he/she has a name...  It is interesting how powerful internet is.. I feel so sorry for this person as well as for people who judge people ( not just me) based upon what some one wrote  ( annonymously)  on the ineternet.  I ALWAYS stand behind what I get to say..
4. to you GSD zip and your followers: if you have a problem with my dog, why I NEVER heard from you about such problem? Also, what makes you think that I am "crazy"?.. If I am so bad, why Policde dpts. in Ill, MO, N.J. are buying dgs from me?
 Well, thank you for publicity.. those who knows me, must have a good laugh out of this, and those who wants to trust "noname"..well, ALL THE BEST OF LUCK to you... you may need it if you end up dealing with such person...
..EVERYBODY IS WELCOME TO COME AND SEE ME PERSONALLY, AS I AM NOT HIDING...AND PLEASE, AFTER YOU SEE MY DOGS AND ME WORKING, JUDGE ME..if I am that bad, I'll go to work in Wallmart or something.. OTHERWISE, I AM SURE YOU'LL SEE ME COMPETING THIS YEAR ON NATIONAL LEVEL :-).. what about you "noname", will you show us your face?
Thank you,
Petr Spurny, owner of K-9 Spelcialists, LLC

my dog;
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Phase2. There will be also a lot of demonstrations of bite work (sleeve, hidden sleeve as well as bite suit-real life situation), so you get the feel how it is when your work is truly a "working dog". In this program, we will test and evaluate your dog, train new dogs and/or exercise/practice your already trained dog. .. Most of people think that their dog is a protection dog, but we can show you that the fact that your dog is "barking and charging" does not mean he is going to do the "job"..Let’s get your dog to next level!
For more info, please go to:
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FOOD: there will be beer, soda, BBQ…J
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by Abadonsdad on 16 February 2013 - 03:02

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OLI , This Gsdzip is on the site to try and trash people , could you block him sir. thanks

by Riven on 16 February 2013 - 05:02

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 K9 Specialists,
Well said Sir, you show class where others have noneThumbs Up

by Dobermannman on 18 February 2013 - 23:02

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I'm in Colorado Springs. Is the no cover charge offer just for no name people that trash you? :-)

Thomas Barriano
Dubheasa Germania (11/05/99-08/11/08) SchH III M R Brevet AKC WD III AWD 1 STP 1 CD WAC TT
Ascomannis Jago (06/20/03) SchH III AKC WD III AWD I TT WAC
Belatucadrus (08/14/05) DS BH TT MR I
Flannchadh von der Bavarianburg (5/21/08) TT IPO II STP I
Winterfell Arya (11/27/09)BH TT K9NW I
Gwrgenau vom Himmelhoch (8/19/09) BH TT

by LadyFrost on 19 February 2013 - 16:02

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thats one way to clear the air....hat's off to you Petr (K9 Specialists) 


by macrowe1 on 19 February 2013 - 20:02

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I've talked to Petr a few times via email when I was trying to find a good working dog. One of the nicest people. Extremely informative, was very upfront, and even invited me to come out and train and see the dogs. I would say he's far from an embarressment to the GSD world. How about picking on people who have no guarantees, who backyard breed, who bred poor stock with known problems?

And to Petr, here's to you for being the bigger person in this fight. 

by K9 Specialists on 21 February 2013 - 00:02

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thank you EVERYBODY for leaving a feedback ( both negative and positive) as nobody is perfect and we all are perfect examples of that!.. And you "noname"; All the best of luck to you..really :-).. what  goes around, comes around... I always eat all the crumbs off my table and that's why I can look  to ALL of my clients straight to eyes when saying " hi, how are you?"  and deal with problem  WHEN PEOPLE CALL ME  ( either boought dog from me or not) but you and people who blindly follow such bad mouth wash like you will always pay the price..later... THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
Petr Spurny (real name), K-9Specialists,LLC

by Berko8228 on 26 April 2013 - 23:04

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My wife and I obtained a male GSD pup from Petr and we have been very happy with Achilles. He is our fourth working line GSD.  
We researched extensively before contacting Petr. We have not been disappointed in any way in our dealings with Petr.
I recommend K9 Specialists to anyone considering a working GSD
It has been a pleasure to have shared our lives with our canine companions, and to now have Achilles in our family.
Chris and Sara Stanton
Elkhart IN


by Pirates Lair on 27 April 2013 - 02:04

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I have no interest in this post, having said that.......I do appreciate the following people stating their Real Names!
That should tell you something if you are reading this post.  Thumbs UpThumbs Up
Petr Spurny (real name), K-9Specialists,LLC
Chris and Sara Stanton
Elkhart IN

Thank you
....Petr, Chris & Sara

Mr. Kim Moore
Canczech Dogs, K9 Pirates Lair
B.C. Canada


by GHOSTDOGOPS on 06 May 2013 - 16:05

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Petr Spurny  K-9 Sheba #1955  2 years ago

well,100% agreed. TV stations should do little bit of a research before they go live with such so called "K-9 handlers"!!!! How? Simply have this guy to show you how to train simply task before listening his idiotic stories about "special" training!!! This guy has no idea how to train a dog and all this this is about is advertisement..I'm am from former Czechoslovakia and know dogs and kennels back there, but they don't have anything to do with this guys! Shame on you CBS, he's a disgrace of Kynology!

Petr Spurny mentioned you in a comment.

Petr wrote: "Hi Oliver Leryka Rein, yeah Alex is very interesting "person"... When my wife moved out to US 4years ago, she helped him too feed his dogs, etc. and at the end, he just talked B.S. about her and our company on Rip Off. This guy is just a drunk looser who does not know anything about dogs and I know 3 persons who are suing him for same reason!! $10, 000 dog's quality of training must pretty damn high ( to our standards). As Mr. Jaro Jurena said, dog is not a robot, but if you have a dog for 3years, he should be bonded with you pretty damn good-unless he has mental issues.. I take our dogs out to woods all the time...without a problem. Is not he suppose to be your companion?..."

Petr seems to enjoy bashing people himself on other forums, including this well-known trainer, with real credentials. So what if he is selling to Police? Nationals? Ha, him and his wife both flunked 2 dogs to get BH certification, look it up! All I have seen is him promoting other trainers and where was this guy 10 years ago? A plumber? Where is his wife now, deported? Some of these guys from Czech are  brokers only, not trainers or breeders. Big difference between amateurs and real professionals.

just getting cheap dogs from their friends in old Commie Czech Republic. 


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