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by LRGSDKS on 07 January 2013 - 05:01

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I have an 11 year old GSD. She is a genetic mess. HD & Ed in all 4 joints plus pano. I had her rebuilt when she was one. Now she has IVDD and DM. She has been to Hell with me right there with her. People are destroying the GSD. They are not suppose to have that ugly deformed sloped back. Most of the GSD breeders think that they are, especially in California. If you have ever gone through the Hell that my Shepherd and myself are going through, you would be very leery of getting another GSD. That is why I got a KIng Shepherd. Got her from an honest breeder. She is perfect, healthy, strong, beautiful, loyal, protective. She is 2 1/2. I am getting another one in a few months. Yes, she is not a pure German Shepherd. I stand a much better chance of having a healthy dog with a King than I do with a GSD.

by roblew1 on 07 January 2013 - 05:01

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When i was growing up a king sheps was West German  show line sheps. They were very loyal to thier family and sharp or reactive to outsiders.

by Hundmutter on 07 January 2013 - 09:01

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'King' Shepherds are not and never have been West German Show lines GSDs.
They are a separate 'variety' of larger, based-on-GSDs  (probably more ASL),
dogs achieved by crossing in other dog breeds - Google it.  There are a couple
threds on here that discuss them currently.
I do not believe they are any more healthy or less prone to genetic problems
with hips etc than other dogs are.  If you are unlucky with your choice of pup,
you are unlucky.  How much 'research' did you do before you bought your old
bitch ?  Incidentally, 11 is no bad age for such a wreck as you describe to reach ! 

by Bob McKown on 07 January 2013 - 12:01

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A marketing ploy! Nothing more.

by roblew1 on 07 January 2013 - 13:01

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I agree marketing poy, but i dont need to google it  Hundmutter. Wright or wrong  thats what every one in my neck of the woods call them.

by Sunsilver on 07 January 2013 - 15:01

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Here is the website of Shelly Watts-Cross, the King Shepherd breed founder:

She was originally a breeder of Shiloh Shepherds under the ISSR, the registry of Shiloh Breed Founder, Tina Barber. Tina took her to court, as she chose to breed outside of Tina's very strict standards. As Shilohs are still 'a breed under development', all breedings must be approved by the breed warden (since Tina's death, this is her daughter, Lisa.)

Here's the record of court judgement, which states Shelly can no longer call her dogs 'Shiloh Shepherds'.:

As for the health of the Kings, many breeders of long-coated oversized dogs DO make an effort to eliminate health problems from their stock. It's like purchasing ANY dog: investigate before you invest, Caveat emptor and all that...

And to each his own: if you like this sort of dog, fine! Just don't expect it to be everyone's cup of tea, and you will not be able to show them as they are not a recognized breed under AKC or CKC. I think the UKC recognizes them??

by Hundmutter on 07 January 2013 - 15:01

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Well then Roblew    'everyone'   in your neck of the woods, wherever that is,
IS wrong.

Guess somebody local to you must have said once that the German (ie original)
German Shepherd Dog was the 'king' of dogs, or something. and that got spread
around ?   There is certainly no other basis for calling  West German GSDs
"King Shepherds".

by Bob McKown on 07 January 2013 - 15:01

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King,Shiloah even heard them called Max Shepherds... It,s all a marketing ploy... Basically people who have taken shepherds and breed tham over sized. 

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