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by Bob McKown on 03 December 2012 - 12:12

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What is it with Ohio????  There seem to be as many scum bags as good clubs!  Timmy, Cory, Lorenzo ???  Did your dog have a tatoo # or microchip? This wasnt one of those "My name has to be on the paper work for me to title" things i hope?   

That as I remember was a big Timmy con.Did you have a contract with this guy? something in  writting?  I really hope this works out well.

by eichenluft on 03 December 2012 - 14:12

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Time to start doing some research and investigating.  So the dog ran away huh?  Did Mr Dewberry sell any black/red male dogs in the past year?  That's something to find out.  Anything could have happened to your dog.  The only thing you know is he doesn't have your dog anymore.  He could have "run away" months ago.  He could have died in the kennel.  He could have been sold.  He could have run out and been hit by a car.  It's time now to be proactive - stop trusting him to "find your dog" - start calling around.  Search classified sites for dogs for sale in that area.  Talk to vets, and other trainers in that area.  Other GSD breeders.  Someone might know about this guy and if he lost or sold a dog in the past year that sounds like your dog.  Talk to an attorney and start legal proceedings against him, for the worth of your dog, the worth of what your dog would have earned with stud fees etc, and what you paid this guy for training/boarding.   It's time to go to work to find out what happened to your dog!  Don't let this guy get away with losing, selling or being negligent with your dog and dishonest to you.

an honest trainer would have been on the phone the moment the dog "ran away".  He would have been asking you the microchip number and he would have been calling the vets and shelters and police in his area.  He would have given you the opportunity to come there yourself or get people on board to help find the dog.  Since he didn't, I highly doubt the dog "ran away".  I am sure he doesn't have the dog, but I suspect foul play, or a thicker wallet on the part of this "trainer". 


by beetree on 03 December 2012 - 14:12

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The business of dogs can be so distasteful at times. Yeah, good luck getting your dog back. But Trixx.... you hadn't seen or heard of your dog in a YEAR?

Is this standard procedure for lots of you breeders? Sending them away up to a year? Never getting feedback that whole time? I mean, really as a pet owner this is mind boggling to me!  I wonder in a line-up... would you even be able to pick out your dog.... ?  

Your concern for your dog up to this point has been ... well, I think under whelming.  Now, don't think I don't wish you to get your dog back, I certainly do. As I think there is lots to be concerned about, as per Molly's post illustrates.

I am just astounded that it has taken you, Trixx a full year to wonder WTF about your dog.  What Smile

by zdog on 03 December 2012 - 16:12

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She didn't take a full year to wonder about her dog.  There had been communication between them before and excuses were made why the dog hadn't been titled and sent back yet.  She had contacted a friend of mine more local to her to carry on his training and this wasn't some dog she just sent off and forgot about.  From what he told me, she expressed concern and worry a while ago and was always told his training was progressing and they'd be trialing for his title.  From what I understand there were some training videos sent as well, but I could be wrong on that.  So the assumption she just sent the dog off and forgot about him isn't very factual.

I have no idea about this trainer.  Sounds like a really shady character.  I'd be filing a claim asap for the value of the dog, breeding losses, boarding, money already spent for training etc. 

by trixx on 03 December 2012 - 18:12

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how dare you say i dont care about my dog, i love this dog- you have no right and you dont know me and the whole story with this trainer, i have been in contact   with him from day one and he was good at first and then something happen this year, thats when it all went funny. yes there was a contract and video and a few pictures, my last video of Teddy was in aug  of this year but not sure when it was taken , last picture was in may. so i think  he for sure had him til summer of this year. i am thinking that i wont be seeing him again, i think he sold him or he has died. by chance  if he is telling me the truth, i will be calling  some places today, i also call Homeagain ( yes he has a micro cip) and they are sending out lost dog reports to all shelters, resuce and vets in the whole area, Cory said he is out looking for the dog, but is he really and said he put up fliers etc..  i am going to see if i can fnd anything, he said he put something on face book, Graig list, i did not find any thing. someone could of easly kept Teddy  he has a super temp . if Cory calls me back he said he would in a few days, i will ask about the website. Cory kept saying just a little bit longer and i thought  ok cause Teddy needed work on his retrieve  , maybe he just needs a little bit longer. 
Cory said he does not work with Ben any more, that much i know. i did not know about  all those addresses i knew of a few.
before i sent Teddy  to Cory  at the time i did not find any thing bad on him and i even ask on here and  no one knew him at the time , had i only knew .
i had talked to cory for a good year or so before i even sent Teddy , i thought he was good and i do know his dog that is SCH1 he titled  himself,
well i will tell you how this all turns out- thank you

by SitasMom on 03 December 2012 - 18:12

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how long is the driving time to get to this trainer?

if its less than 10 hours each way, i suggest you get in your car and pay him a visit......asap.

by hexe on 03 December 2012 - 19:12

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trixx, don't give up on Teddy just yet...I would, however, make contact with this trainer's former partner, and see what he might be able to tell you about Teddy's whereabouts. 

What is the status regarding Teddy's registration paperwork--did you hand that over to this trainer, or put his name on it in any way, or is it still in your hands? It would be worth contacting the AKC to make sure no one else has registered him in their name subsequent to purchasing him, too.

But Molly is right--you can't trust the trainer to put any effort into finding your boy, not under the circumstances; it's all on you.  I'll touch base with a breeder I know in OH who is also retired law-enforcement, as is her husband, and see what they can find out.  If you can PM me with Teddy's vitals [age, tattoo #, microchip, registered name, and an email I can give them] I'll pass that all on to them and then the two of you can communicate directly.

Yeah, what is going on with Ohio?  Is it becoming to GSDs as Florida is to outrageous criminal activities?

by beetree on 03 December 2012 - 20:12

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Glad you didn't wait a year. You can take offense if you need to but, I didn't exactly say that. Only that it appeared like that.

However,  I certainly would never do what you did, or wait like you did, and that is why I asked if this is normal procedure for breeders. If it is, well, IMHO it stinks.

I have every right to respond in the way I did, to what you wrote. And if I'm unimpressed with your efforts, who cares? It won't stop a single person from doing whatever it is they are going to do with your dog. That is if you even believe that half-baked story they lost your dog Wed., because, well, boys will be boys!

I am not the one who doesn't have a clue where their dog is because he ended up in the wrong hands. 

Nope, something like that would never, ever happen to a dog I owned.  You can take that to the bank, guaranteed.


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