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German Shepherd Dog > opinion required (28 replies)

by Khaled Sohib on 26 November 2012 - 20:11

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kindly give opinion on his legs, are they normal ?! he is 8 months
Thanks in advance

by Siantha on 26 November 2012 - 20:11

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i personaly dont like it. he is cow hocked. but i also have seen cases of this straighten out once the dog turns a year. his legs arnt wobby relly he seems to just have long hock bones. but i still dislike it someone with more experence than me im sure will post on here to clear it up. do you have the pedigree? did you see the parents did they show this trait ?

by J Basler on 26 November 2012 - 20:11

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Come on girls where are the comments and your best wisdom.

by bcrawford on 26 November 2012 - 22:11

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The dog in the video is cow hocked and even as bad as it is I have sadly seen worse.

It's not something that is wanted and it is possible that it can improve as it matures. Just my .02 cents but I would not be happy seeing it at 8mos with one of my dogs. What kind of activity (exercise) is the dog getting currently?

by dragonfry on 26 November 2012 - 22:11

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I'm not a shepherd person but the dog is really cow hocked and would be a cull for me. Hard to see his topline in the video, but from what i can tell his rear slopes pretty sharply and he wobbles on his hocks. Could be poor nutrition? Or over angualtion in his breeding. I can only hope the dog improves.
Best of luck with your pup.

by Jenni78 on 26 November 2012 - 23:11

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His front don't look good to me, either. He flips them out when he walks. 

May I ask what, precisely, he is eating and if he's on any supplements? He appears to have some sort of developmental issue going on, due to diet, exercise, genetics, etc. Have you had him since he was a puppy?

by Keith Grossman on 27 November 2012 - 01:11

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He's a liitle cow-hocked but that isn't necessarily anything to be concerned about at his age.  What does concern me is that he appears weak in the pasterns.  He's a nice pup but he isn't getting enough exercise. 

by hexe on 27 November 2012 - 01:11

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The legs look normal to me--his movement IS sloppy, front and rear, though some of that can be attributed to the flexi-lead; if you can get some video of him walking and/or trotting off lead, we would see a truer display of his natural movement. 

He is cow-hocked, and very loose-ligamented at the moment, but he's also only 8 months old and still has a significant amount of growing to do, along with developing more muscle tone with increased exercise. As to the comments regarding the quality of the dog, one has to first know where the dog is located. In some countries he could well be one of the very best young dogs on the horizon; for example, he is not unusual among well-bred specimens of the breed in India at the moment, while in Germany this young dog would not be considered a show ring and breeding prospect and would be sold as a family pet.

All that said, if your concern, Khalid, is whether there is something medically wrong with this young dog, nothing in this video would indicate such; it's possible he could have bad hips or elbows, but nothing about him tells us that from the'll need x-rays to make that determination. 

He does have beautiful pigment and markings, and is an attractive youngster who looks like he's a spirited fellow as well. I wish you all the best with him.

by Kalibeck on 27 November 2012 - 01:11

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All GSD go through a gangling 'teen-age' stage where their movement is very loose and awkward. Many pups are cow-hocked, and GSDs are pups and still developing until they are at least 2 years old. Don't be discouraged. As mentioned, exersize & proper nutrition will help. Your dog is very beautiful, otherwise. jackie harris

by trixx on 27 November 2012 - 04:11

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i really dont like what i am seeing , i know  the back and front can improve as he gets older , but did anyone notice the tail set the tail is  bent , that is a gentic thing  and i am seeing more and more  of bad tail sets too. the dog  at best is only pet quallty to me.

by hexe on 27 November 2012 - 05:11

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trixx, but again, you're not factoring in the location of this pup.  In Germany, in the US,  in Canada, the EU--yes, this would be a pet quality puppy, not a show and breeding prospect.  In countries where the importation and breeding of European-line GSDs is still in its infancy, however, this could be a top male puppy.  It will depend on how he matures.

by ziegenfarm on 27 November 2012 - 06:11

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if he is truly as tall & as long as he appears in the video, he may have just grown awfully fast for an 8 mo old.
i have to agree with keith that better physical condition/strength would make a difference in the way he
moves.  at this age, you have to be careful, though.  it would be very easy to injure him---he's still very much
a puppy.  i sure wouldn't write this guy off, yet.  he may be an entirely different dog by the time he matures.
good luck.  pjp

by Khaled Sohib on 27 November 2012 - 08:11

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@ Siantha,
thanks for the reply, the parents are Gick di Casa Nobili & Maly di Ca' San Marco.

@ J Basler,
:)) Thanks alot, ur cheering did helped :)))

@ bcrawford,
I am not sure what u mean by duplicate post but I was trying to post a video for the first time so may be I duplicated my post  by mistake, sorry!

Unfortunately I am not giving him a proper daily Consistent exercise, long walks daily, fitching the ball every 3 or 4 days for a while, going to beach once a week or two but starting to swim maybe last couple of times coz before that it was just socializing him with water but I intend to do better very soon.

@ dragonfry & Jenni78,
I am feeding him chicken backs bones, minced chicken, low fat minced beef, veal cubes. with rice and vegetables and started to give him veal liver.
he is on supplements ( multi vitamins tablets, calcium tablets and Grizzly Salmon oil but unfortunately I don't remember the tablets name I will post the name when I get back home.
I had him since he was around 4 months.

@ Keith Grossman,
I hope so, for exercising 8 months GSD is fitching the ball, swimming and long walks enough or there is more and I don't know?

@ hexe
definitely I will go check with a vet, I am living in Dubai which is sure not known for good GSDs :) but he is imported and from a very good pedigree. I just want to make sure he is good for his sake.

@ Kalibeck
thanks alot Jackie, I hope so.

@ trixx
thank you !


by Gustav on 27 November 2012 - 12:11

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I don't see anything normal about the structure presented....I have never had a puppy with extremes like this puppy and I think my puppies are normal. Maybe I am missing something.

by Jenni78 on 27 November 2012 - 12:11

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I knew it! GET HIM OFF THOSE CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS RIGHT NOW if it's not already too late!! He is getting likely WAY too much between chicken backs (way too much bone, not sure why everyone thinks a dog can exist on chicken backs alone, and I don't mean you- this is so prevalent) and other bones and a puppy's body cannot assimilate it the way it needs to, especially in synthetic form; their bodies are not as good as an adult's body for ridding themselves of what they don't need, so they absorb way too much. There are journals suggesting too much calcium can cause elbow dysplasia just by itself, with no other factors. I sincerely hope it's not too late for him. I would feed him as if he is a giant breed puppy from here on out and hope to undo some of the damage that's undoubtedly been done already. 

I need to go to work, but this site has a lot of info on orthopedic disorders and nutritional approaches to fixing them.  There are also photos of various disorders and what the best course is for fixing them. 

by trixx on 27 November 2012 - 18:11

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as of right now, he does not look so good but yes , he can straighten out in his front and back, but the tail is only going to get worst as he gets older , i know this for sure.
i have also seen  east and west feet go straight, give him a few years and see what you have then, to me it seems like you are doing the right thing in both excercise and feeding.  good luck-

by Khaled Sohib on 28 November 2012 - 06:11

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I booked an appointment with the vet for Saturday and I hope it isn't too late.

but TRIXX I don't know what's wrong with his tail ?! do u mean its a show quality thing or what??!!


by Jenni78 on 28 November 2012 - 12:11

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I'm sorry to sound negative, but the likelihood of your vet knowing enough about canine nutrition (particularly large breed growth) isn't very good. I would maybe shoot some xrays if he were my dog, see how growth plates are looking from elbow to "wrist" (be sure to get good view of distal physis), as that will give an idea of how much better/worse he could possibly get. If he has one bone growing and one not, there are procedures that can be done to straighten those feet. Excessive East/West feet can put strain on other joints, and one bone that's stopped growing will make his elbows not fit right and his anconeal process may not unite. But beyond xrays to tell you what the joints look like (and many vets aren't even good at that...) I don't think you're going to get much help from your vet, unfortunately. 

A proper diet does NOT need supplements, in puppyhood, at least not minerals. If you want to supplement, stick with digestive enzymes, probiotics, maybe some kelp-type additives, etc. 

I have no idea what Trixx means about his tail, either. 

Here are a couple links explaining findings about harmful supplements.

by Hundmutter on 28 November 2012 - 16:11

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Assumed Trixx meant the sideways hook.
Its 'cos the tail is a bit too long - a common
fault.  Don't think you can do much about
it, although I'm with you Jenni on the excess
calcium & maybe that hasn't helped ...

by Khaled Sohib on 29 November 2012 - 06:11

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jenni, I am sure u mean good ofcourse but I can't tell u how much worried u made me ! let's hope for the best, and please keep following this post I will write back after seeing the vet.


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