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Sport/working Enthusiasts > Can you give your own dog a arm sleeve bite Without a helper or decoy? (25 replies)

by Slamdunc on 22 November 2011 - 05:11

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But besides that my dog needs to know that play (tug) and work (sleeve) are two different parts of the game and the dog has to know that he/she is never allowed to turn against me.

Most dogs figure out that it is all a game.  If there is ever any doubt that the dog will view it as serious bite work or has any handler aggression issues then I would not recommend it.  Giving a dog a bite on a sleeve will not cause it to turn against you, unless you do something crazy.  If that is the case there are other issues to work on and I think/hope the handler would have seen the signs.


by Super Para on 22 November 2011 - 10:11

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Totally agree with Jim, especially prey - defence, if you are new to the game seek help from someone experienced.

by judron55 on 22 November 2011 - 11:11

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I concur with Jim.....I work all my dogs as puppies..going from ball, rag, tug, sleeve....with no problem. They all have excellent grips....but they had that from the womb. I started my males hold and bark. I have done courage test and escape bites...all in prey....if you don't have the experience...leave it to someone that does.

by Peter Cho on 19 December 2011 - 22:12

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When I was in ring, I did almost all of the decoy work on my own dog, on the suit and on the sleeve to set the grips. No big issue since ring is a prey sport and the completion of each exercise with max points is the goal. However, in Schutzhund, and especially with my current club, this practice is a no no. I do helper work for other members but never my own dog. I want CLEAR association with the sleeve and adversary.......not prey playing. It is not a tug toy. The last thing I want is a loud prey bark in the hold and bark. If a helper, during the bark and hold drops the sleeve or toss the sleeve to the side, what would happen? If you have a dog genetically more prey oriented, well, you taught him that sleeve is a great play object. The true intent, I believe is for the dog to STILL do the hold and bark WITHOUT the sleeve. Helper droops the sleeve.....well, too bad for the helper. That is what the stick is for. Sometimes you don't have a choice. However, if you train in a club setting, you have better options. To be frank, this is a huge change in my training logic from just two years ago.

by Love My Canine on 19 December 2011 - 23:12

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yep, but if he is for real you will have handler aggression. i like it, and don't mind it.  but i am wierd.  don't give your dog bites on you after 5 months, tug game stuff. after that give it to the helper if you can find one worth a poop.

by GSDPACK on 20 December 2011 - 19:12

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 To the OP.....whatever Jim

dominant dogs are fine, handler agression sucks ass.
Fluffy is weird but he bites...only the wrong person! LOL

A joke my father used to make when the dogs in the company turned on the handlers for whatever reason, I saw handler get attacked by his dog in a very tight quarters of a train wagon, not a pretty view and I was pretty appreciative that my dog worked for me, not against me.. but to each his own (or something like that)


by judron55 on 21 December 2011 - 23:12

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The true intent, I believe is for the dog to STILL do the hold and bark WITHOUT the sleeve......which has nothing to do with me doing grip work on my own witnessed by all the prey monsters that have never been worked by there owner/handler. I have a yr old that will bark all day...sleeve or no sleeve...


by LSU mom on 25 December 2011 - 02:12

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I bought a trained personal protection dog from a police traing facility and was told not to ever. They said to the dog its serious and the dog should never think its OK to bite or show aggressive behavior to the handler or owner. They said Argo should go back every year or two for bite work refresher training. I let others who can do, it's a better outcome that way. It cost, but really not that much to get what you want. And the dog not to become confused.

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