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Conformation Showing > Difference in stacks (63 replies)

by Donnerstorm on 08 October 2011 - 09:10

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I have always noticed there seems to be a big variations in how different gsds look when they are in a stack position.  They seem to range from a dog that looks like it's just standing there normally all the way to some that you expect to end up in the splits.  Is there something that says what a correct stack is supposed to be or is it just judges preference? Are there any good books that you guys recommend that cover the conformation showing stuff really well?

by Ibrahim on 08 October 2011 - 12:10

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Teaching a stack

by GSDNewbie on 08 October 2011 - 13:10

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There is a general everyone uses and a dog can look really aweful and different from what it truly is if stacked badly. This is where experience comes in adjusting stacks to fit the dog being stacked to make it look its best instead of thinking foot placement must be exact like everyone else is even if your dog is not built like them. I personally prefer to see a dog stacked for its benefit than forced into an unatural to it forumla. A stack is not going to change conformation that is lacking but it can  at least be made to at least look well done and better to the eye. The problems in the dog will seen be seen by experienced judging eyes.

by Blitzen on 08 October 2011 - 13:10

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Many times the way a dog is stacked depends on the dog's structure and what the handler is trying to showcase/hide. There is also the current trend of setting up the German SL dogs to look as if they have a distinct arch to their toplines. I've seen a few of those dogs in person and they do not look like that in a natural stance. I had a GSD whose Urma came with her and it didn't really look like the same dog as far as the topline went. Not sure why that is done; it's not very attractive IMO. If you search the V dog pedigrees here, most will have photos, you see how they are stacked.

I guess I'm going to get flack for saying this, but don't ignore the AKC dogs if you want to learn how to best stack a GSD. Generally speaking, IMO,  AKC handlers are a lot more skilled at setting up (and gaiting) the breed than most I've seen at SV shows. I think that is because the AKC style of showing is a lot different, the dog are groomed more and more attention is paid to theatrics than showing the dog ala natural. AKC handlers are not usually seen in the ring wearing jeans, sweat shirts,  track suits, tank tops and hot pants. No "team colors" allowed. It's a more formal atmosphere, and, to ME, the dogs just look better when presented that way. The SV handlers think it is stupid to dress up to show a dog. 

For me, the  best way to learn how to set up an individual dog is to use a full length mirror.

by noddi on 08 October 2011 - 14:10

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Bltzen,your last post is spot on,very relevant to the show scene here.One very rarely sees handlers in the germanic type shows or the general champ.shows here in the UK with more german type judges,suited n booted as we say.Most wear jeans,jogging bottoms,t shirts n fleeces n shorts in the warm weather,altho.Elmo V.Huhnegrab,s handler (Mr.Steve Cox)is usually suited n booted.Carol S.

by Blitzen on 08 October 2011 - 19:10

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I can understand the jogging suits I guess, but somehow hot pants, belly shirts, and tank tops in the show ring just doesn't look professional to me, Noddi.  I'm sure the men here will strongly disagree LOL. 

Suited n booted? I like that!!! Are  handlers allowed to sport the team colors in the ring in the UK and do the owners wander in and out of the ring socialzing with the judges as happens in the US at the SV shows? I assume that is permitted in Germany too? The first time I saw that my jaw dropped to my chest. AKC judges never see the catalog until they have finished their judging assignment. That is supposed to keep them honest and the dogs anonymous. That doesn't usually work too well so they may as well be allowed to peek ahead of time. Here, for the big shows like the upcoming NASS, all the entries are listed on the internet for weeks before the show including sire, dam, breeder, owner.  That just cracks me up too; I am easily entertained these days.

I think it's best to not take any show wins too seriously cheeky

by Donnerstorm on 08 October 2011 - 20:10

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The video you posted was very helpful Ibrahim thanks. Blitzen I have noticed a lot of the arched backs also, I did not realize you could get a dog that had a straight back to look like that by stacking.  Which just shows how much I don't know.  If the dog does not normally look like that why in the world would they make it? IMO it is not attractive at all, more of a turn off.  I have never been to an SV show, I have watched AKC conformation shows bc they are all over the TV. I was curious about your comment that the SV shows don't spend as much time grooming etc. I wouldn't expect it during sport, but wouldn't you always want to spend the extra time to make them look as good as possible before showing them? And the extra time to make yourself look nice and professional?

by Rik on 08 October 2011 - 21:10

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The dogs rear is going to pretty much dictate the stack.

As for handler attire, those AKC handlers would be coming out of the jackets and ties after about the third lap at full speed in a german show ring.

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