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Training and Obedience > How do I stop my dog from biting my hands. (24 replies)

by Sunsilver on 30 April 2011 - 14:04

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I disagree that he is trying to dominate the female.

I have a similar situation here. Every morning, my bitch would dash out the door ahead of my male, then as soon as he came out, turn and bite him playfully on the neck. I THOUGHT this was dominance behaviour, until one day, I bought some rawhide bones for the dogs.

I spread the bones around the room, leaving an extra one in case someone took another dog's bone.

Ranger immediately claimed ALL FOUR BONES, and the other two dogs were afraid to go near them!  surprise

Once he settled down to chew on one of them, I was able to give the two females their bones, and there was no problem.

So, the biting of the neck does not necessarily indicate he's truly the alpha in the pack.  A senior dog may not have the physical strength or speed to dominate a stronger, younger dog, but they may still demand that dog's respect due to their age.

Please note what she says:  "The only time he badgers the female is when we first go out and there is no ball, his body language to her is play.  Unfortunately she is not physically able, after a few attemps she will put him in his place."  

by MAINLYMAX on 06 May 2011 - 21:05

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Be prepared ...set him up to bite your hand and correct him....right before he takes the bite...preferably.
But if you correct him during the bite even better...He sounds like he is just being playful but it can and does
get worst sometimes. He sounds alot like he is testing as well as playing which is a big doggy pass time.
Hope that helps.

by Aimes on 07 May 2011 - 01:05

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He is doing much better, hasn't done it for a week, then when I went through the gate this morning he was very excited and made a grab for the ball as I was closing the gate.  This is not an ongoing thing the whole time we are out, just at the start.  As I said before, if I show him no ball in the hand and heel him out everything is fine.  If I forget he is likely to give it a try, I repeat he is much better thats why I forgot.  I have tried to set him up and correct him but he is a lot faster than me.  I also have been doing a heeling routine right away and giving him the ball as a reward, which takes the edge off.  I do thank every one for giving me ideas.  We are getting there and my hands are not bruised anymore. 

by alboe2009 on 07 May 2011 - 20:05

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I see a couple things in your multiple posts. I like a little from pretty much everyone's comments. Dominance? I'm not so sure but I would need to see before it could be 100% one way. By what you "stated" I agree with Sunsilver. Some dogs are just ball driven and even ball crazy. My three can only have "balls" when either training or I am playing/running them.

My male @ 9 would not "destroy" it but the girls would in a second! (If he had one they would trick him and then have it and destroy it) Training balls are different from play balls. The irony is I could have "things" for/from Reiker that are still around after 9 yrs. ONLY to be destroyed in a heartbeat by the girls. 2 yrs and 9 mos.

A couple of ideas. Dogs are smart! Yours knows the ball comes from the hand....... Our service dogs, we try to be sooooooo clever and have the "reward" come from our pockets, ever so smooth and quiet! In reality the dog knows/CAN HEAR the slightest friction of hand on clothes that they REALLY know where the ball comes from. He knows the ball is in your hand. And his excitement/drive/eagerness/or all things combined are telling him to get his "TOY" as fast as he WANTS it. Not sure what type of ball but if it's smaller or small in your hand the times you actually don't have it he doesn't really know it. The eagerness/drive takes over BEFORE he realizes nothings there.

You have many options in my eyes. If you don't even want to worry about the bumping/mouthing/nibbling of the hand. Don't even have the ball in your hand when first starting out. Place the ball somewhere for him to find/pick up either before going out the door or when your walk first starts. He'll then be excited, have his 'TOY" or "PRIZE" mouth it, prance like he's on top of the world and into the walk or when you get to your location to play then "OUT" him and either train or play.

My female Anastacia is as fast as the wind and Ball driven like crazy. She will take all the balls if she could. She will run and grab hers and in a blink will run while the second dog is running to get theirs and steal theirs too! So I have to throw one way and throw the second the opposite way. But she will still try to snatch the others. When she gets back to me she will sit (unless I'm throwing a second for her) will sit and whine for me to throw. If I don't she will squeal and either pick up the ball and drop it closer or on my feet or she will push it closer with her nose. If I still don't she will do it EVEN closer to prove her point. BALL!

I'm not being mean but he is/has done only because he was allowed to or did not know any other way at the time. He didn't or doesn't know it is/was wrong or unwanted behavior. Consistency, consitency and more consistency. Good luck.  

by Aimes on 07 May 2011 - 22:05

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Thank you for your input, he is, as you say ball crazy.  Unfortunately when I got him he was already into this big time.  He was all over me, could jump higher than me and is almost bigger than me when he stands up.  He was mouthy all the time, always putting his mouth on me when he wanted attention.   That has stopped, has not happened for weeks.     It is now just the ball thing and maybe I should just let him carry the ball instead of trying to stop it completely.  It's a tennis ball he is after, he has other balls in the house but he is not as crazy for those.  So I just use the tennis ball for training.

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