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Training and Obedience > How do I stop my dog from biting my hands. (24 replies)

by reedman222 on 26 March 2011 - 20:03

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The dog is showing you dominance to you and your other dog! You need to stop it before it happens or else it is only going to get worse and someone or something is going to get hurt.

by Aimes on 27 March 2011 - 02:03

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My other dog is a spayed bitch, he shows no aggression towards her, she dominates him.   I do not think he is showing dominance towards me, he is trying to take a ball out of my hand,  the trouble is I do not always have a ball.  He does not bite me  but he is big and sometimes the bumping hurts. This only happens when we first leave the house after ten minutes he calms down.  I do not know how to stop him from doing this, thats why I posted here for any suggestions.

by steve1 on 28 March 2011 - 13:03

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I take it when you leave the house with the dog, he is on a leash or if not he should be

So' if you have him on a leash and he acts up say what you will but he is trying to boss you. You only give your dog ANYTHING, if you want to give it to him.

 YOU' do not give him anything because the Dog wants it

So'  if he goes to take something from your hand then give him a damn good hard correction Both hands if needs be and say NO' give the correction quickly as soon as he goes for the balless hand

Do not pussyfoot about with him give him a strong correction hard enough to make him think twice about doing it the next time.


by Aimes on 28 March 2011 - 14:03

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 I can put the leash on every time I go out the door but I want to correct the behavior.  I understand what you are saying, I'm not afraid to give him a good correction but he is well behaved on a leash.  If I walk out the door with him on a leash  and release him when I throw the ball everthing is fine, after I have thrown the ball a few times he calms down and is not so frantic.     With no leash he will stay in a down until I get out the door but the minute I free him up he is back to trying to take the ball whether or not there is one in my hand.  So how to I transition from the leash to no leash.   The only time he badgers the female is when we first go out and there is no ball, his body language to her is play.  Unfortunately she is not physically able, after a few attemps she will put him in his place. 

by steve1 on 28 March 2011 - 15:03

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In that case there is one  thing you can try.

One is to have a ball ready when you take the leash off him and he is on a down, You cover the ball with Bitter Lemon Juice prepare it before you take the dog out, a tennis ball is good for this because the lemon will soak in a bit and not run off,

If you do this a few times he should get the message. Dogs do not like bitter lemon taste in there mouth, However you use a ball completly different to one you use if you are training the Dog and use it to build up the Dogs drive LIke a Ball on a rope like the tennis ball above,

The above is good for a mouthing Puppy as well, I have in the past squeezed Lemon Juice on my hand and wrist the Pup soon learns not to have a mouth on the hand and wrist when he finds the taste is not to his likeing You can also do this for your dog, He will get the message pretty quickly


by Aimes on 28 March 2011 - 15:03

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Thank you, I will start with the lemon juice immediately and pick up some other bitter products when  I am out.

by Duderino on 29 March 2011 - 22:03

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Try wearing shark mittens, longer sleeves and an application of the always versatile "Schutzhund Soccer Style Kick".  That'll fix it for sure.

by Siantha on 30 March 2011 - 16:03

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i dont believe in useing the sour things with my dogs i tryed it once and my dog liked it so she continued the behavior my thoughts would be to keep him on a leash throw the ball get him all excited wanting to be let go then do it so he uses his initial burst of energy going after the ball then running around with it. this works with both my kids if i rough house with my male he will mouth my arm where a sleve should be but he never bites down. but him and my female mouth over the neck eachother all of the time and they have lived together for a year and no problems with them it seems like they are playing tag.  my female does it to our pomeranian aswell if he is getting too riled it seems like she is calming him down because her tail isnt up when she does it so unsure if it is dominance but they all listen to eachother and if one gets relly upset they all stop thankfuly

but i still would say hold him on a leash with a flat collar so he can pull and still breath throw his ball make him wait for like 30 seconds then release him play fetch with him occasionaly hold him back and throw the ball where he cant see it or in tall grass make him use his nose and work his mind

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