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by Nans gsd on 08 February 2011 - 17:02

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I understand this wormer is Panacur, does anyone know the dosages for dogs??  Lost my info when moving.  PS:  Thanks in advance  Nan

by vonHoss GSD on 08 February 2011 - 17:02

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Go on the Revival website and call them.  I think they make that medication for dogs now or they will give you the dosage.

by Jenni78 on 08 February 2011 - 17:02

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 Dosage for deworming, or dosage for giardia? You can use the dosage on the bottle for giardia, according to my vet. It says 3 days, but I do 5 and he agrees 5 is better for giardia (or suspected giardia).

It's astronomically priced to do multiple dogs, vonHoss, which is likely why Nan asked about the goat stuff;-)

I have only ever used the goat stuff, and so far so good. Never found any parasites in any of my pups after going to their new homes. 

by Louise M. Penery on 08 February 2011 - 18:02

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The pharmacy at the VMTH at UC Davis recommends fenbedazole  ve given at the rate  50 mg/kg twice daily for 3-5 days and repeated 3 weeks later. This amounts to ~ 1 ml per 20 pounds of body weight.

by eichenluft on 08 February 2011 - 19:02

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do not use any paste dewormer formulated for livestock, for dogs.  It is formulated by the lb - as in the entire tube for a 200 lb goat, or 1200 lb horse.  You don't know where the actual medication is in that tube of paste, as it's not meant to be given in small sections.  You may be giving no wormer at all, or you may be overdosing - you can't tell.  It is not equally mixed in the paste and there is no way to equally mix it.

Use liquid so you can measure it carefully, or use wormer formulated specifically for dogs.  Saving money by giving livestock-formulated dewormer can backfire on you in a very bad way - not worth the money saved for that.


by GranvilleGSD on 08 February 2011 - 19:02

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The drug name is fenbendazole.  The dosage for dogs is 50mg/kg per day for 3-5 days.  I have used the SafeGuard for goats on my dogs and cats at this dosage with no ill effects.  So for example if the liquid came in a 100mg/mL suspension which I believe that's what the goat bottle is a 70lb dog would get about 16mL per day.  It's a little messy and it probably tastes bad so be prepared.

by Judy P on 08 February 2011 - 19:02

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The dosage for dogs is s follows 50 mg/kg which equals out to 1 ml per 5 pounds for 3 days.  I have used it for years and it works great.  Far less expensive than the stuff labled for dogs.

by eichenluft on 08 February 2011 - 20:02

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crazy to use it - but hey it's cheaper so go right ahead...

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