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Main > We got our AKC title and high in trial! (222 replies)

by wlpool on 16 March 2010 - 19:03

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I would like to restate this whole post to ensure that I get it correct.
My never the "best" dog, HANZ and I went to our third AKC trial and obtained a red and yellow ribbon that has the AKC logo on top after we won HIGH IN TRIAL A CLASSES (as per ribbon)  This ribbon is to be considered a fake or non achievement as we only won it after no less than 9 and no more than 13 (not including 13 wildcard dogs) other dogs were UNABLE to complete their routine.  These dogs may have been MUCH better than my good for nothing old dog, but by SOME TRAVESTY they were unable to do the work.  It should also be noted that even though there were two AKC judges and 1 AKC official overseeing this event, my HIGH IN TRIAL standing is NOT RELEVANT.  It should further be noted that although this was a third leg to a CD and RN some here see it nothing to brag about and I apologize for mentioning it in the original post.  I sincerely apologize for giving anyone on this board the FALSE HOPE that working hard and being new at something might lead you to very happy times and ribbons with your dogs.  I APOLOGIZE FOR THE MISUNDERSTANDING! 
Here is a picture of the NON ACHIEVEMENT so that there is no misunderstanding about it NON VALUE!
I hope this is able to clear everything up for the "professionals" on this forum!  For those of you who used my name to provoke the attacking thread, here you go.
Hodie : Sharyn Baker Breeder
Mystere : Nia R Contrell (USA COMMITTEE member)
VomMarishal : Jackie Marshall Breeder
I know that I don't have the names of FHTracker who viciously attacked uno after a TOP NATIONAL trainer has already evaluated him and found him to be suitable to meet all of my needs. When I asked for credentials to back up this COUNTER evaluation THAT I DID NOT ASK FOR he supplied NONE.
or TessJ10 who has wrongly accused me of lying even AFTER I requested she call and VERIFY my fact, which she did NOT do, or Bazza for being a HORRIBLE, mean, truth twisting POSTER as well. 
If anyone wants to pm me or send a private email to please feel free.

Well, I was waiting to post this until I got the pictures done.  I went to the trial alone so I had to wait until I got home to take the pictures.
Hanz now has his AD, BH, CD, RN, and CGC.
At our title show (AKC), he WON HIGH IN TRIAL A classes.  The program shows 112 entries, but that is both A and B classes.  I'm not sure how many were in A classes.  I had SOOO much fun.  There were 9 entries in obedience (ring 2 class A) and I was so shocked and HAPPY when we got first.  Yippie, the first check my dog has won for me.  I REALLY love my dog.  Kuddos to Von Nimbus kennels.  I can't help but thank them everyday I have him and can't hardly wait until my new girl gets here.

by LAVK-9 on 16 March 2010 - 19:03

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Awesome congrats!! You both look very happy!!

by TessJ10 on 16 March 2010 - 20:03

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Fantastic!  CONGRATULATIONS.  So you mean 1st place in Novice A or High in Trial overall?  Or is there a special prize for whoever is High Score of Novice A, Open A, and Utility A?  I've never seen that award offered.  Cool.  Your post was a little jumbled, but heck, I'd be jumbled with excitement, too.  What was your score?

The photos are great, and CONGRATULATIONS again!!!

by wlpool on 16 March 2010 - 20:03

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Its funny I was so happy I got my title I didn't ask.  Someone had to find me to tell me I won first.  The high in trial was overall high for the day.  I will check AKC website as soon as they publish my score to get it.
Yep, I am very excited.  This is my first 'on my own' dog.

Oops, overall high in trial class A: Novice A, Open A, and Utility A. 

by DuvalGSD on 16 March 2010 - 20:03

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Glad to see you scored so high and took home some first place's.....................

by K-9mom on 16 March 2010 - 22:03

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Congrats!! You're off to a great start... Don't stop now! ;o)

by Pharaoh on 16 March 2010 - 22:03

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Congratulations to you and your beautiful and talented dog.


by 1doggie2 on 17 March 2010 - 00:03

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