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Main > can dogs have autism/asperger's syndrome? (9 replies)

by ilovemypoodlefluffy on 07 September 2009 - 02:09

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just wondering on others thoughts about this. i think my poodle does. my daughter is mildly autistic and her dog (that emma wanted but fluffy thinks she is my dog) acts alot like her. let me know what you think, thanx.

by SitasMom on 07 September 2009 - 04:09

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good question, have you tried to resuarch this?

by VonIsengard on 07 September 2009 - 05:09

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I do believe dogs can have neurological isues from birth that directly affects their ability to learn properly and they lack correct social behaviors that one would expect in dogs. Few and far between, from what I've seen.

by ilovemypoodlefluffy on 07 September 2009 - 18:09

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i yahoo searched it, found other people asking the same thing on also found an interesting article on autism in mice. when others asked, most responses were no they couldn't, some said they could. just interested to know what people on here think.

by Paul15 on 07 September 2009 - 23:09

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     To answer in any accurate way, we would have to know what causes autism and Asperger's syn. I know psichiatrists who don't believe Asper's is real. They think it might be childhood schizophrenia. I see these kids every day in my practice. Other pshchiatrist's are more convinced that Asperger found a specific set of symptoms apart from autism.
A former student of mine spent five months producing the Dateline program last week on the real and quack doctors in the area. She did a great job. I have often wondered if some dogs are ADD or ADHD. I wonder what a ritalin would do for one of these dogs on trial day.

by ilovemypoodlefluffy on 07 September 2009 - 23:09

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ok for people, i read one study that said they found a genetic marker for autism and families where it was present in one individual it was likely to show up in another. my sis sent me the link awhile back but i lost it. i think it's somehow related to bipolar. i am bipolar and my daughter has autism. i was talking to another girl at the waiting room for my daughter's occupational therapy a few years ago and she said she also had bipolar with an autistic child. schizophrenia, that's interesting if it is related as my mother was believed to be schizophrenic.
anyway i don't know anything about fluffy's family at all, just think she acts alot like my daughter.

by beetree on 08 September 2009 - 00:09

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Let me just say, autism spectrum disorders are not purely neurological like the above imply, but are developmental disorders. Bipolar can present in an individual at the same time as an autism spectrum disorder. Aspergers diagnosis is a high functioning individual who usually can not process social cues. Does it happen with dogs? Hard to say with their nature being that of a beast with teeth.

Paul15, if you know psychiatrists who doubt that Aspergers is real, I hope their business is pretty poor. Their education certainly is.

by Paul15 on 08 September 2009 - 01:09

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It;s not a matter of education. As a matter of fact the one psychiatrist who I know that feels strongest about this has been one for 52 years, was medical director of the largest psychiatric hospital in NJ, and graduated first at Chapel Hill then Jefferson medical College in Phila. A younger psy was a Fellow in psy at Duke and has been practicing only 7 years.
Business is booming.
I have 4 children tomorrow to evaluate. Need some sleep.

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