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by GSDkatrina on 14 April 2009 - 15:04

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Hi everyone,

My GSD Kaiser is on a low fat diet- he is not over weight - he will be 4  Oct 19th-and gets tons of exercise- BUT the advice I got from another board for all dogs is-Wellness Core Reduced Fat just to be assured they don't get too  much fat in their diet.

Kaiser was on that which ( for me) is expensive but the vet gave me Purina  OM to try-
I cook chicken brown rice and strip all the skin and bones from the chicken-add fat free chciken or beef broth and really mush it all together-then each feeding ( twice now)I put two  tablesppons in the kibble daily so each bowl equals one cup or so..

I don't mind the cooking I like to cook for them--but is there a comparable  kibble out there that cost less than my mortgage????



by OGBS on 14 April 2009 - 17:04

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To the best of my knowledge that is the lowest fat kibble on the market.
It is also one of the best made low fat kibbles produced.
My question is, why are you worried about your dog having such a low fat content in his diet?
If your dog gets plenty of exercise this should not be a big concern. Proper exercise should keep your dog lean, especially when it is in the prime of its life like your dog.
Dogs require a certain amount of fat and, in my opinion, the only reason to go to an extremely low fat diet is for medical reasons or a dog that rarely gets exercise.

by yellowrose of Texas on 14 April 2009 - 17:04

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I disagree. GSD need fat in their diet and they need plenty of omega three.  YOu get those thru fish oil, feeding salmon, or fish oil.

I would never put a gsd on a diet food or limited fat at 4 yrs. old..The dog needs high fat or his body and skin and hair will be depleted.

Unless he has kidney or epi or some major health issue, a low fat diet is not for any of my gsd, which are working lines purely high drive and won;t stand around looking at me.

I have never had an over weight gsd because that is YOUR fault if your dog is overweight..You are the one feeding and you are the one putting the food on the ground.

I dont use pans , my dogs eat off the grass or off the floor of kennel.

Sunshine MIlls makes an excellent dog food and I use it with raw meat added.., greens juice, spinach juice or rice added on days I cook it.  I also feed cottage cheese and yogurt as a treat. , which gives some natural calcium  . Greens or green beans mixed in food also provide nutrition you cannot beat.
Nurture Heavenly Harvest Holistic dog food     go to  They have a toll free number to ask where in the town you live you can purchase it.

they have other foods also under another name they can tell you in your town...corn free, wheat free and soy free.

raw eggs if they are yard eggs only.


by Mystere on 14 April 2009 - 17:04

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raw eggs if they are yard eggs only.

What are "yard eggs"?

by AnjaBlue on 14 April 2009 - 17:04

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A dog's system is designed to handle fat - and quite a lot of it. To take that out of the diet for no good reason is, in my opinion, very unwise. I don't know what other Board gave that advice, but unless you misunderstood what they were trying to say I would disregard it entirely. I feed raw, and use (among other things) pork, the fattiest beef I can find, lamb, duck - all very fatty meats. My dogs thrive on it. If you switch to the kibble you are considering I think you will see some undesirable side effects, starting with the coat......

by JenM66 on 14 April 2009 - 18:04

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Why is your vet recommending Purina OM if your dog is NOT overweight? Does your dog have a medical problem where he needs a low fat diet? Does he have SIBO or EPI?? If not, a regular food in proper amounts (based on calories not cups as all food have different caloric values) is what is best for your dog. For example, my dog is roughly 74 pounds, fairly active although not involved in any sport as of now, and she is getting approx 1200 calories per day. I used to have a formula. If I can find it (my computer crashed and I lost all sorts of documents) I'll post it.

by funky munky on 14 April 2009 - 18:04

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GSDkatrina, if that is your dog in your avatar he looks very healthy to me, looks like a lovely coat condition, so whatever you are doing keep doing it. liz

by GSDkatrina on 14 April 2009 - 18:04

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Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for all your suggestions-Kaiser does have  ideopathic epilepsy and he had a  first seizure  last  June and one a month since then for several months he had one each month like clockwork for 2 minutes then gone.
He has been seizure free now for 3 months today-that is why the Guardian Angels ( EPI Board) suggested he have the lowest fat possible. The founder of the board said that fat would be deadly to my dog.
 My vet hopes to wean him of the PB soon!!  He is also on KBr and gained a bit ( 5 pounds) and he does not want him to gain any more even though he is the right weight-he wants him on the lower side.

I should have mentioned medical reasons but thought it was a good idea in general to keep lowfat.
I give them marrow bones at night-I am sure that is not so good either. I just got back from a 2 hour walk and play on the beach-I want him to live a long and healthy life as long as he can:)
Katrina and Kaiser

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