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by timbaluo2002 on 07 March 2009 - 17:03

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I also purchased a male dog from Van Rossland Kennels in Miami and I end it up wasting my money... I spent $1500 dollars on a dog that from behing the fence wanted to eat the entire world and I ended up with dog full of fears and lack of confidence... This was my personal experience with Gino... In adition to that I called him 3 days after the purchased to let him know of what I had noticed on the dog and his response was that all sales are final (per contract) and that he didnt know if I had done something to the dog that could have changed his temper... Almost a month later he called to offer me a deal... He would credit me $1200 on the dog, for me to put the difference and and buy another dog from him... I NEVER GOT BACK AT HIM AND I DONT WANT ANY DOG THAT COMES FROM HIM..... Good luck if you decide to buy a dog from Vann Rossland Kennels.... Oh and my dogs name is Alexander van Rossland.... Let me add to my comment that I have nothing personal against Gino or the way he conducts his bussines... I just wanted to express my concernS and let everyone know what my personal experience was so you dont end up like me....

by Schluterton on 07 March 2009 - 18:03

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No offense ............. but basically you spent 1500.00 on a dog who's fatherline is show dogs and not particularly hard ones at that, the sire only having a Sch1, and who's motherline has nothing but SAR dogs ............ and you were expecting what exactly?    Just trying to understand the reason for the post I guess.

by timbaluo2002 on 08 March 2009 - 17:03

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Joined: Mon Jul 21, 2008 02:16 am
I was just not expecting a dog that fears everything ..... My point is that the dog was sold to me as a tough dog and out of all the shepherds that I've had he is the worst so far.... He acts like if he was abused in his younger months and I told the breeder as soon as I noticed it (3 days after the purchase was made) and he told me that the dog never acted like that  with him and that he didnt know what could I have done to the dog in those 3 days and that he was sorry but ALL SALES WHERE FINAL.... I trusted him when I bought the dog and I ended up losing $1500.00

by euroamericank9club on 13 March 2009 - 18:03

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It seems like I'm not the only one who has a complaint about Van Rossland Kennels.... I'm surprised !!!

by corsoelectric on 28 May 2009 - 08:05

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I bought 2 dogs from Gino ( Van Rossland Kennel) and they are great beautiful dogs, I recomend him to anyone.

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