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by HighDesertGSD on 25 November 2008 - 20:11

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I have several Chinese Hackberry trees that have become prolific in recent couple of years. Birds like the berries and don't think they are toxic to birds.

I just realize that my GSD girl likes the berries. I have not noticed for a while that areas near the kennel is almost devoid of the berries. Yesterday I saw her in the act of eating them. May be they are actually good for her as a source of vitamins, but I swept away all as I moved her to another dog run, more secluded at the rear of my yard. My girl is a little strange in her taste for food, I think.

Do you gsd like fallen fruits? I also have peach trees, I worried that the toxin in the stones will harm my dog, but I have heard that a rather large quantity of peach stones needs to be ingested to cause problem, two or three would not  cause any problem.

If you have many fruit trees, do you worry much?

by snajper69 on 25 November 2008 - 20:11

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I don't have many fruit trees now but I used. I don't worry about it much, never seen a dog that would eat it so much to cause issues.

by malshep on 25 November 2008 - 21:11

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My dogs are regular fruit bats.  They love bananas, peaches, pears ( all store bought ) I do not plant anything in my yard that could be eaten at some point in time that would cause issues.

by yellowrose of Texas on 25 November 2008 - 21:11

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Sorry folks , have to say   Take Heed...there is danger from fruit on ground,,as you do not know how long it has been there. One of my clients had a beautiful black shepherd, from another breeder, who ate peaches in the field , outsid his yard. He saw her do it, thought nothing of it, and at 7:00pm the dog began to throw up and had the runs. He noticed blood immediately, lots of it. He put her in truck and rushed to vets office. 



Clostridium Perfringens Type D , grows on old wood piles in yard, flowers beds, fruit on ground , and cows die of it, also..First dog this vet has seen with it in years..Usually cattle are the victims. Dog was put on life support for about 6 hours , never made it..This type D is fast and swift. Do some research about it.






by HighDesertGSD on 25 November 2008 - 22:11

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Pods of the Wysteria. They are not green beans.

I always puck the spent flowers so that there are no pods.

by yellowrose of Texas on 25 November 2008 - 23:11

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Wisteria seeds and pods are poisonous..taken straight from the Poionous Plant list   Puppy Wellness page 64  USA magazine     2006   


by yellowrose of Texas on 26 November 2008 - 00:11

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by wuzzup on 26 November 2008 - 00:11

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it's funny to see garlic on there as i hear many people give it to there dogs ,they claim it rids worms and fleas ? i myself always thought it was a not so true flea and wormer.

by dAWgESOME on 26 November 2008 - 00:11

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I don't know anything about Hackberries, but my 2 GSDs and 1 Presa eat fallen apples to their hearts delight every year.  Earlier this summer there was a thread going on about the toxicity of apple seeds and it had me a bit alarmed but to this day nothing worse then some wicked gas and slightly softer stools.  I do my best to keep the fallen fruit off the ground but to be 100%about it all the time would be a full time job and just not realistic.  YR's post has my ears perked so I'd advise that it's usually better to error on the side of caution, clean up the berries as best you can and try to keeps the dogs out of them.....

by AhSighEE on 26 November 2008 - 01:11

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Appleseeds are poison if used in large amounts. You can kill your spouse or friends, with ground up seeds in their coffee or tea over a period of days, as it causes the capularies to do weird things and enters the heart and causes heart failure. It is usually not traceable as apples are not a chemical and I guess the know substances in the apple seed would be considered natural.





by dAWgESOME on 26 November 2008 - 02:11

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About those appleseeds....
(sorry HighDesertGSD not trying to hijack your topic, but I really would like to know more)
What is your source for this information? 
I believe you but I would first like to validate the facts for my own peace of mind.  Should I find enough proven fact supporting the dangerously high toxicity the trees will be cut down before spring.  As far as the spouse is concerned I'm quite happy with him, its the ex-spouse I'd like to rid my self of once an for all..... 
Thank you for you input on this topic, feel free to pm me if you wish.

by Adi Ibrahimbegovic on 26 November 2008 - 02:11

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Can't directly answer the question (as for "fallen" fruits and berries), but my puppy dog eats fruits and vegetables often (what I give him). Also oats, carrots, onions and peppers.

Also, he gets a healthy dose of garlic mashed in plain yogurt (read - A LOT, 5-10% of the whole meal) with every meal. It does get rid of flea worms, if the dog has it, fleas hate it in the bloodstream, and if he has neither fleas nor worms, it just tastes good. of course, with my pup eating and food in general is SERIOUS business, no fussy eater here.

by yellowrose of Texas on 26 November 2008 - 02:11

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A few years ago, there was a show on tv like CSI ,that had a showing one night where the wife tried to hill her husband with the ground up apple seeds, over a month of two.

GRAPES AND RAISENS ARE DANGEROUS,  but like many people say...I feed my dog grapes nothing happened..

People have lived thru antifreeze poisoning and rat poisonings , just like a dog can...but the chances of it attacking the chemical unbalance caused by the chemical it produces in your OR ITS BODY  could kill a grown dog..Just like a puppy eating cat food...Contains too much Taurine, and will cause puppies to bleed from kidney. Ask your vet. I had to , many years ago, did not believe my friend who brought two cats to spend a month with me and my cocker ate cat food and she told me not to let her do that.

called my vet next morning and he said...especially pups. A grown dog can get by with it, but a pup can bleed to death before you get to the vet.

I dont take chances.   Read the aspca site, and google : there are articles about grapes and raisens being toxic.

or shall we say    CAN BE   TOXIC.



by KatK9 on 26 November 2008 - 04:11

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i don't know about hackberries, but if not sure keep the dogs away until you know.

Found this at wikipedia though: "The fruit is a small drupe 6-10 mm diameter, edible in many species, with a dryish but sweet, sugary consistency, reminiscent of a date"

Well everything in moderation... besides some really toxic things...Look in the book of Stephanitz and you see Fruit and Berries are on his diet plan, i thnink even they disscussed this in the recent  USA Magazin, think the  Chapter 4 Article.

and to be honest who has appleseeds in large amounts??? Well i don't anyways, and a dog can eat several apples and don't die from it, especially, when it is as a whole fruit laying on the ground. Seeds rarly get cracked and we all know that they mostly come out whole at the other end.....

I once freaked about chocolate,too.My girl has stolen 3 100g packeges and hmm they must have been yummy....I freaked, because the poison rumors about it, but that dose can't kill a GSd, maybe constipate him, but other than that...Maybe it can harm a little tiny dog, but I doubt it fits in the tummy....I could be wrong though...;o)

Well you really have to watch out if you don't know what is on them fruit, or maybe arround it, like the incident stated above.I watch out when I am at fruittree areas, they often spray them with nasty stuff, or even when you go over a or along a field, watch out, they might just have sprayed it, and this really can be leathal for  a dog. Or atlast leave a lot of damge. I know of a dog that had severe effects, he hardly could move his jaw and had to relearn to eat, lot's of nerv damage.... Watch where you get ur fruit and berries, besides the fact that itself might be poisonus. things arround might be much more dangerous...




by HighDesertGSD on 26 November 2008 - 18:11

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It's all right.

I also have one small almond tree an one apricot tree. One of my Rhodesian Ridgebacks liked fallen apricots and I knew it was toxic so I did my best to sweep away. I had missed a few before. One or two  a week apparently did not harm her; she lived to be 13.5 years old. Perhaps the stones did not bust open in the stomach.

BTW, I think Carolina Jasmine, a vine with yellow trumpet flowers, not listed, is toxic.

by snajper69 on 26 November 2008 - 18:11

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Almost anything that is consumed in huge amounts can kill you. If it's just a little bit it will not cause your dog to die (unless the dog is allergic). But yellow rose is right, a lot of those things can and will kill your dog. My dogs ate quite few items from that list and never got sick or died, but this is called pushing your luck. My approach is very simple if my dog is stupid enough to eat something that will cause him sick than he got what he deserve, will I try to control it? To some extend. But I spend quite few years observing stray dogs back in Europe you would be surprise what kind of junk they eat :) and they are usually very healthy lol. I believe that most dogs have instinct for survival, and if your dog will lack those than I don't think he is a good representation of its breed. This is why I am not over obsessive when comes to control of my dogs eating habits. :) But everyone should come up with their own opinion since every choice we make in life will bring forth consequences and you need to be sure that you can handle the consequences of your own action.

by Two Moons on 27 November 2008 - 02:11

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My dog's love apples and peach's, I don't let then have the peach pit's but the other seed's as in the apples for the most part pass undigested.   They have a real passion for persimmon's, me too.   They pass those seed's as well, no I don't eat the seed's.

I have a kennel under a wild cherry tree, I know !!     But they don't eat them.   Berry's are always iffy.  

I was more worried when I saw my pup eating a mushroom, not the kind you buy at the store.   He lived.   I wondered if he would trip out tho.   I've had magic shroom's  Ye Hah !!  but these are what we call toad stools.  

The things dog's eat !!    Today I removed a deer skull from them. 

We wont even discuss them eating horse manure from my garden...LOL

Or the air conditioner cord.

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