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by Shandra on 07 July 2008 - 04:07

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I had a girl come in a few weeks ago to bathe dogs, tryout for a position. She brought her 2 pups with her. They were in and out all day and did have an accident inside which was cleaned immediately and sprayed with a bleach solution and allowed to air dry.

Fast forward.... I take Mischa to the shop with me daily. I recently switched her food about 2 weeks ago back to Chicken Soup. It was a sudden switch so I expected loose stool for a couple of days. She met those expectations and then some. My little dog also goes back and forth with me occasionally and has been there recently. She does not get the same food Mischa does. She also has the runs. Mischa had an accident this evening and it was diarheha <sp> The odor leads me to believe it is Cocci.
I recieved a call a little while ago that the girl that came up... she sold 1 of the pups and the owner ( a customer of mine) called to tell me the pup had the runs and they had taken it to the vet yesterday and was confirmed cocci. I call the girl ( who did not get hired btw) and ask her and she was very blase' about it and said yes she had Cocci and Giardia running thru her place. I called another friend and found out this gal was a byb of poodles and had lost several litters, didnt autopsy but assumed girdia or cocci got them. TG she moved back to wyoming!

Anyways, Now I am majorly freaking about disinfecting not only my home but the shop as well. I have been searching disinfectants as I am not sure that my current disinfectant is effective against either of those. I mainly concern about Parvo,distemper and kennel cough. I currently use Ken'L-Lan-128 for the shop. I need something I can also use on the yard.

Mischa is going to the vet first thing in the morning for testing, Albon for Cocci and Flagyl for Giardia is what the vets here normally use.

Any suggestions of products that you have used and are effective are greatly appreciated!

" Take Slow, Deep breaths, You WILL NOT Panic!"


by EKvonEarnhardt on 07 July 2008 - 04:07

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Just be happy it was not PARVO!!! first off !!! and that it is treatable!!!

Change out your water buckets and bleach them good and your floors, walls and ect.......

as for out side my friend has a cleaner that works I will contact her tomorrw and see what it is .



by amysue on 07 July 2008 - 04:07

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After an outbreak with Giardia everyone was telling me how it's pretty much impossible to get rid of and it keeps coming back.  I took aggressive measures and bought a spray bottle you attach to a hose and did a bleach solution twice a week for a month... and quarantined all the dogs but the expected mother to eliminating in a different part of my yard.  She had the Giardia too but fortunately it did not come back after her Panacur treatments... everyone else did great on Flagyl.  Her pups never got it... thank goodness!!!

Everyone that comes to my property Lysols their shoes.  Doesn't work on everything but it can't hurt.  I think the only thing that works on Coccidia is Ammonia, like Windex.  Problem with both Cocci and Giardia is the parasite encysts in the previously affected animals intestines and has the potential to come back at any time down the road, sometimes without symptoms.  Good luck!

by Bhall on 07 July 2008 - 04:07

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There is NOTHING that kills coccidia in the ground.  Not even bleach.  The only thing that can keep it under control is Ammonia.

by VomHausCander on 07 July 2008 - 05:07

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I run a large scale animal shelter. Coccidea and Giardia are everyday problems as the animals who come in commonly carry them. I can tell you that the following sounds very wrong...

<<<I called another friend and found out this gal was a byb of poodles and had lost several litters, didnt autopsy but assumed girdia or cocci got them. >>>


It is possible to lose a pup or two from coccidea or giardia, however litters are lost from parvo, distemper, or corona virus. Breeders who assume giardia or coccidea normally have parvo virus. I am NOT meaning to scare you, but you need to be aware.


Obviously in the future, I would not allow pups under 4 months (and not fully vaccinated) on your property. If they must come on the property they should be housed in cages off the ground that you can bleach after they leave. You should know where they have been. A separate potty area should be arranged for puppies with less than 3-4 vaccines. They should not be allowed to come anywhere near your dogs, or other pets for that matter.


How old is your dog? How many vaccines has she had? How long ago did this happen? Those are all needed to determine what it could be since each has a different incubation period. Parvo has a distinct smell to it which indicates digestive upset. Coddidea has a "grainy" appearance (sometimes tiny white pieces in it). Coccidea doesn't usually start os liquid but rather gets mushy as time goes on. This can vary from dog to dog. Giardia normally has a darker appearance, sometimes green.


Have your vet run a fecal and a parvo snap test. Watch for ANY signs of vomiting (including food vomit), lethargy, and continued loose stool.

Giardia, Coccidea, and Parvo will be killed with bleach on solid surfaces which are precleaned. It's impossible to get everything out of soil regardless of the product.


Let us know how it goes!





by Sue-Ann on 07 July 2008 - 10:07

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One of the pups has been to the vet's office and has confirmed coccidea.  Let's assume the vet was competent and didn't miss parvo.

I think it's unlikely your dogs contracted coccidea from the exposure you mention.  The accident was quickly cleaned up.

My understanding of coccidea is that all or most dogs have it and it only creates problems in young animals who are under stress.  If an adult dog is assymptomatic and tests positive for cocci the vets do not treat that dog.

Your dogs just experienced a food change.  This is the most likely source of your problem.  I would relax a whole bunch.  If your dogs come in regular contact with other dogs, they are likely carriers of cocci already. 

by DeesWolf on 07 July 2008 - 12:07

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My cleaning procedure at the shelter where I work is working very well for us. We are very strict in the procedure, and even with a couple of cases of coccidia that was brought in by strays we were able to contain, and disinfect.

We start our cleaning process by using DAWN dishwashing liquid, we degrease all the kennel flooring first(wet them, put down the dawn and scrub) , let sit a few minutes, rinse, then we use a product called VIRKON, (comes in powder form, add water) we use a spray machine to cover the area. You let the Virkon sit for 10 minutes, and then rinse well. Every Wednesday, we degrease with the dawn, then spray a bleach water mixture, let sit and rinse well.

For dirt floor kennels, there isn't much you can do as all those nasty things stay in the ground for years. I can suggest, using bleach and water, then Virkon. I also isolate small areas to treat with lime and soak the area well with water.

I highly recommend Virkon and the cleaning process. We have used this process for over a year and it works very well.

by Shandra on 07 July 2008 - 12:07

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Thanks for the advice.

My shop is a grooming shop, I do not allow pets that have not had at least their second set of vaccinations as well as bordetella come in. My cages are sprayed down every evening before I leave the shop with Ken'L-Lan-128 and allowed to air dry, the floors are mopped with bleach water.I do not have kennels yet, still waiting on them to be build in the boarding building. I dont have much choice about the potty grounds other than immediate pick up and disposal. cages and floors are rinsed first thing in the morning before clients start coming in. I have not been using the backyard of the shop, just the front.

Good point about the parvo, The pup in question is doing fine after being put on meds and I hadnt heard from anyone that there was parvo going thru her place, The pup did have a serious infestation of hooks.

Mischa is 11 months old and fully vaccinated and wormed regularly.  I will update on what the vet finds when I get home this evening.

THanks :)


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