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by gsdgermany2 on 29 March 2008 - 12:03

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We vaccinate our puppies for rabies at 6 months. At what age do you vaccinate your puppies for rabies? Can the Rabies Vaccinations be done safely at less than 6 months? Are there any types or brands of Rabies Vaccinations that are safer for younger puppies? What age do you think is best for the health of the puppy?

by missykl on 29 March 2008 - 12:03

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our vet does our pups at 3 months. every pup we have had has been done at 3 months. they all are great no problems with the shot. hope this helps.

by mirasmom on 29 March 2008 - 12:03

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All my pups have their vacination for rabies anytime after 16 weeks old,

and I've never had any bad side affects...

by Rezkat5 on 29 March 2008 - 12:03

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We too routinely give rabies at 12 and 16 weeks.  Sometimes they are a little older as we won't overload them with multiple vaccines, especially the tiny puppies.   They all seem to do fine, though I'm a bit more comfortable waiting on my own dogs until they are just a wee bit older.  But, 6 months is fine too, wouldn't wait much past that though.  We do have a considerable amount of rabies in NJ, so there is a risk.

by Theresa on 29 March 2008 - 12:03

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My vet also does at 6 months. I am sure not to schedule any other vaccine within two weeks of the rabies so the immune system is not overloaded. I only vaccinate for rabies and distemper/parvo. The latter only when they are pups. No way on the Lymes. My vet also reccomends giving Benedryl one hour before a vaccine to help with any allergic reaction. I give one 25 mg tablet to my 35 pound dog and I give two tablets to my 75 pound shepherd.

by Bob-O on 29 March 2008 - 12:03

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I do this at six (6) months of age-no sooner. But, I understand that some might do it at twelve (12) weeks of age if rabies is prevalent in their geographic area or if certain state and/or local statues govern the issue. I am concerned about the effects of vaccinosis, i.e., too much, too soon.

In the current state of my residence I do not know if there is a required maximum/minimum age for the first rabies vaccination, but it is required annually.



by Rezkat5 on 29 March 2008 - 13:03

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Stinks that it's required annually for you Bob-O, as it's all the same vaccine.  In NJ, luckily it is a 3 year vaccine and more and more clinics are going to a 3 year Distemper/Parvo.  I titer my guys annually, kind of my own little study.  I vaccinate for Lyme, again it's a location issue.  Lots of Lyme Disease in my area.  And have seen one too many dogs die from Kidney failure from Lyme Disease.  Most of the dogs that have died were not vaccinated and it is rare that we see a dog test positive that was vaccinated.  We do not see any problems with the vaccine.  I know that the "original" vaccine for dogs, there were problems.  This "newer," vaccine there are not.  It's just too much of a risk/benefit factor for me.  NJ is a Lyme hot bed, literally. 

by mirasmom on 29 March 2008 - 13:03

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You're right about that Bob-O,

I live in Ma. & a few years back a family had their little black lab pup playing in their backyard
and it got bit by a skunk that had rabies, so because the pup had not yet been vacinated against
rabies, he had to get put down, it was really sad, but someone offered them another pup, so it
did have a better ending.

They said that had that particular pup been vacinated, he would had only needed a booster shot after
being bitten by the skunk, but with no shot given to begin with, the booster shot would not work.

I tell people not to let their pups near any wildlife till they get that all important Rabies shot.

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