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by MygsdRebel on 22 March 2008 - 02:03

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My female has gone into heat for the first time, she's about 10 months old and turns one may 29. It's been very typical, hormones raging, acting strange on her part. But, my male has shown almost NO interest in her at all. It's nice and all, not having to worry much. ( Of course i'm still keeping a very close eye on the both of them. )

But with this arises many questions. Why is he acting so calm, with no urges towards her? It's been the same between them as if she wasn't in heat. My male is not neutered, is sexually mature ( 2 yrs. ), and has sired a litter previously. 

What could be going on?



by autobahn on 22 March 2008 - 02:03

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Could be he will not show much interest until she is ready to be bred.

by CaptMike on 22 March 2008 - 02:03

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Aye t' poor lad. Lately he be feelin' stressed over t' econome, t' lad has anxiety, guilt, depression, low self-esteem, and because t' Dobie up t' street told him you be lookin for a new home for him, he fears he be leavin' aye "
On top o' that, lets be honest, since ye lassy be so young, her hygiene not be t' best Aye

by Mindhunt on 22 March 2008 - 02:03

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I would trust your male.  I learned the hard way that dogs many times know better than us humans.  My male showed no interest or very little interest in a healthy female who had one good litter.  Turns out after trying to mate them during two heat cycles, she had fertility issues.  He knew.  I was also floored when my male showed very little interest in my own female, we wouldn't let them breed until OFA's came in.  She did not pass OFAs, in fact, she would have been unable to support the litter toward the end due to malformed pelvis and no left hip.  Again, he knew something we humans didn't.  Keep in mind, he did everything he could to get to another female that did have a successful litter who bred to another of her breed, (small fluffy bichon, he has a thing for fluffy white animals.....hmmm).  Trust your dog

by Bob-O on 22 March 2008 - 02:03

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I think some females do not emit the "correct" odor for the first few heat cycles. I have one (1) bitch like that. She just turned four (4) years old, and her cycles were "silent" and spaced about nine (9) months apart. The resident male never showed interest in her during one of her rare heats. During the three (3) heats or so that she had I noticed a tiny amount of bleeding and was very tempted to have her spayed as I was concerned that her ovaries were not functioning correctly.

But, she recently had a true, normal heat cycle complete with swelling, bloody discharge, and antics typical of a bitch in heat and this time he became very interested in her. As far as I can tell she had a very normal two-week cycle. Is this the beginning of normality for her? I cannot say. I am aware of silent heats, split heats, and the rare combination of the two (2) types. I feel that my situation is somewhat unique in that the reproductive system of this bitch may have finally matured to the end it should have been when she was less than one (1) year old.

I would like to hear other people's comments myself about this phenomenom.

Best Regards,


by MygsdRebel on 22 March 2008 - 02:03

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There's no way I would ever get rid of my boy. He shouldn't be worried! Even though Div is kind of smelly.. Hahah.

I'm pretty sure she would be ready to be bred, she was bleeding everywhere and has to wear diapers in the house. I hope this is the case, though, because now i'm worried she may have something wrong with her. She needs her shots soon, so i'll consult our vet and maybe get it checked out?



by katjo74 on 22 March 2008 - 03:03

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I've seen similar, too, where a healthy female came in heat and didn't initially attract the stud; I'm assuming due to the lack of putting off the appropriate pheremones associated with being in heat & mating. I also think it has something to do with the female's maturity. In subsequent heats, the female attracted her male when the time came, bred, and had a normal litter.

I have also seen a friend's female come in heat every 2-3 months for 3 cycles. She was takenin for spaying and when she was spayed, they found she had small tumors throughout her uterus. She was around 16 mos old when she went through this spaying.

Sometimes an older male will lack interest in a bitch in heat due to arthritis, prostate issues, etc, too. Shocking as it is, I've had a very experienced 8 1/2 yr old stud dog do this-he was flagged and everything by a ready female, but all he wanted was to go pee, get a drink,and come back in the house to his warm spot. He let me know his breeding days were over by his own choice, and we respected that. :o)

by Kaffirdog on 22 March 2008 - 08:03

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Hi Emily


If she is still bleeding, she is probably not ready yet, just make sure you keep an eye on them, the bleeding usually subsides when she is ready to mate.  I have known others who have been caught out by thinking the cessation of bleeding meant the season was over. 


Margaret N-J

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