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by Mysti on 13 February 2008 - 20:02

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I am looking for some type of climbing vine, rose, etc... to use to climb up the wire of my outside dog kennel.  Not only to camouflage it but to also make it pleasing to the eye and I wanted to make sure that whatever I use isn't poisonous as the dogs in the kennel may chew on it at one point.  Does any one have any plant suggestions for me?


by hodie on 13 February 2008 - 21:02

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 My suggestion is that this is a poor idea, period. Such a plant will provide a place for insects, and possibly stinging insects, snakes etc. to use as shelter as well. The dogs WILL eat it, regardless of whether it is toxic or not. There are nice screens that can go up on the outside of the fencing that will do what you need, or you can use fencing or trees away from the runs etc.

by KEYCAT on 13 February 2008 - 22:02

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I have a beautiful vine of honeysuckle growing up the front's of my kennels.This honeysuckle is a highbred"pink"in color,it attracts hummingbirds and butterflys,its very hardy and very attractive,my dogs have not tore it up in 4 years so far.It also aids in a sun block for some parts of the kennel,I keep my water buckets right their where the vines are and it keeps the sun from heating the water.

I also knew a kennel owner who used trumpit vine on his kennels,and was as beautifull.


by Aqua on 14 February 2008 - 02:02

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Don't laugh, but I planted 2 rows of corn along three sides of my kennel. The variant I used grows 6' (~2 m) tall and can be planted 6'' (~15 cm) apart. It grows quickly, provides excellent shade, acts as windbreak, and it's edible.

by Mysti on 14 February 2008 - 02:02

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Thanks for the suggestions.

by MaxBear on 14 February 2008 - 02:02

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 What "zone" are you in? Your location if not familiar with the growing zones? Is the area in full sun? (6 Hours or more of full sun). Is the location in a windy area? What type of soil are you dealing with? I may be able to sugest something after knowing this information.....

by Mysti on 14 February 2008 - 03:02

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Hi MaxBear, I can't remember what growing zone I am in.  I live in NW Montana.  The soil has a lot of clay and rocks in it and the plants will be in the sun for about half the day.  We usually don't get much wind.  If you need to know anything else let me know.

by Sparrow on 14 February 2008 - 17:02

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Here is a web site listing all pet-safe plants.


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