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 2.5 year old bitch - pages | 2| 10 days ago by Xeph >> (goto)
 Gute Freunde, senden Sie meine aufrichtigsten Grüße!10 days ago by susie >> (goto)
 USCA Conformation Show & Breed Survey - Medinah, IL2 weeks ago by mrdarcy >> (goto)
 Line Breeding n Cross Breeding Opinion Required ... - pages | 2| 2 weeks ago by MBML KENNELS >> (goto)
 Comments required on Puppy - pages | 2| 2 weeks ago by sonora >> (goto)
 *** Do you reckon she is improving or not *** - pages | 2| 3 weeks ago by Ibrahim >> (goto)
 2014 USCA Sieger Show Entry Deadline Approaches  
 13 month old male, what do you think?4 weeks ago by Renshh >> (goto)
 User Astrid Patalas...SCAM 
 Louis Donald's article defining TYPE 4 weeks ago by khalid Azeem >> (goto)
 1 Year old male.... Critiques welcome - pages | 2| 4 weeks ago by Ibrahim >> (goto)
 Django 1yr old CRITIQUES WELCOME aka Figo jager arbeiten zwinger 5 weeks ago by Harrisonsgsds26 >> (goto)
 WL female at 22 months UPDATE5 weeks ago by Ramage >> (goto)
 Some pics of my young female - Critique welcome5 weeks ago by Runag >> (goto)
 Electronic X-Ray Submissions (SV)7 weeks ago by SitasMom >> (goto)
 8 months old german shepherd holds tail on left ("crooked")7 weeks ago by khalid Azeem >> (goto)
 Anyone know location of Austrian Sieger Show?7 weeks ago by suewsuew >> (goto)
 3xVA, 2010 NASS Sieger - Xbox dei Precission passed away - R.I.P.7 weeks ago by 1GSD1 >> (goto)
 Question on purchasing show line Male8 weeks ago by Shtal >> (goto)
 hatchi du domaine du parc  
 Long stock coats- I need some clarification8 weeks ago by Xeph >> (goto)
 Fello / Freud von drift  
 The Coated German Shepherd...8 weeks ago by starrchar >> (goto)
 Introducing two females--is risk worth taking?8 weeks ago by BlackthornGSD >> (goto)
 Opinions please - pages | 2| 3| 2 months ago by Ruger1 >> (goto)
 showing my collie!2 months ago by Hundmutter >> (goto)
 kaufen gsd Herz 

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