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 Scam from Serbia2 days ago by jdiaz1791 >> (goto)
 Como se cambia las fotos3 days ago by GSD Lineage >> (goto)
 Entry Numbers for the GSDCA-WDA NASS Sieger Show4 days ago by Richard Medlen >> (goto)
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 china hulang Kennel in 2014 the latest work of art7 days ago by Kalibeck >> (goto)
 Updated Entries 2014 German Shepherd Dog Club of America Sieger Show8 days ago by Xeph >> (goto)
 Entry #s for The Sieger Show10 days ago by RPG >> (goto)
 2014 German Shepherd Dog Club of America Sieger Show Entries 
 BSZS 2014 Understanding Placings12 days ago by Dog1 >> (goto)
 NASS rule change. Thoughts?12 days ago by SitasMom >> (goto)
 The puppies of Marcato - pages | 2| 12 days ago by Blitzen >> (goto)
 Ad germany breeder13 days ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
 GSDCA Sieger Show Breed Survey 
 Opinions please - pages | 2| 2 weeks ago by Pakistan Kennel >> (goto)
 A look at conformation & movement of 2014 VAs - pages | ..... | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 2 weeks ago by susie >> (goto)
 GSDCA SS Listed on WUSV Website2 weeks ago by Richard Medlen >> (goto)
 NASS Helpers - pages | 2| 2 weeks ago by bzcz >> (goto)
 Gute Freunde, senden Sie meine aufrichtigsten Grüße!2 weeks ago by Ibrahim >> (goto)
 Result female GHKL BSZS ?2 weeks ago by GSD Lineage >> (goto)
 Opinions on Hills vom Funken Spiel Please! - pages | 2| 2 weeks ago by yellowrose of Texas >> (goto)
 Result male GHKL BSZS ?2 weeks ago by GSD Lineage >> (goto)
 GSDCA Sieger Show Entry Deadline Extended Plus Breed Survey Added3 weeks ago by GSD Lineage >> (goto)
 2104 BZS US Success Working Female3 weeks ago by Dog1 >> (goto)
 is the stack position to fix a reference point for measuring angles?3 weeks ago by VKGSDs >> (goto)
 Post your dogs stacked pictures... - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 3 weeks ago by Nedev385 >> (goto)
 Critique on my 11 months male please3 weeks ago by sonora >> (goto)
 Critique 22 Month Old Male3 weeks ago by Ibrahim >> (goto)
 Yoker vom Pendler VA ?3 weeks ago by Ibrahim >> (goto)
 WHO WILL BE 2014 SIEGER????4 weeks ago by Blitzen >> (goto)
 Free Listing for Handlers Availability for SV style Conformation Shows 
 Problem with the registry in Germany 4 weeks ago by susie >> (goto)
 New International German Shepherd Dog Breed Magazine4 weeks ago by CelticGlory >> (goto)
 GSDCA Sieger Show Handler Sign-up Form4 weeks ago by cmandela >> (goto)

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