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 Rescue Resources12 months ago by SBininger >> (goto)
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 X-rays just for fun26 minutes ago by clc29 >> (goto)
 Von Hunterhaus, 39 dogs seized - pages | ..... | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 53 minutes ago by bubbabooboo >> (goto)
 Evaluating GSD puppies86 minutes ago by Ibrahim >> (goto)
 VonHena-C Breeder Quality? 3 hours ago by Blitzen >> (goto)
 Here we go again...18 hours ago by Paul Garrison >> (goto)
 can anyone help me please regarding a dispute with a stud dog.19 hours ago by GSDoldtimerlady >> (goto)
 Please take a moment19 hours ago by yellowrose of Texas >> (goto)
 what you think new pup putting in the work27 hours ago by joanro >> (goto)
 GIARDIA CURE???35 hours ago by MERCURY13 >> (goto)
 This Easter...42 hours ago by Hired Dog >> (goto)
 Understanding quality a dog - pages | 2| 2 days ago by Haz >> (goto)
 PUPPIES SIRE2 days ago by Soppacher >> (goto)
 Want to get your critique 3 days ago by Ibrahim >> (goto)
 Want your opinon3 days ago by Ibrahim >> (goto)
 Critique Please3 days ago by SitasMom >> (goto)
 Time for puppy critique- opinions welcome - pages | 2| 3| 3 days ago by sonora >> (goto)
 Email notifications4 days ago by Oli >> (goto)
 Pedigree Questions 4 days ago by GSD Lineage >> (goto)
 Second session - pages | 2| 4 days ago by Hundmutter >> (goto)
 Did Dogs Descend From Wolves?4 days ago by momosgarage >> (goto)
 Dandal od Janice starting obedience4 days ago by Jyl >> (goto)
 Titles and Achievements - pages | 2| 5 days ago by Khaleesi23 >> (goto)
 Annoying Video Advert5 days ago by Spooks >> (goto)
 severe nose bleeding sincew las tmonth5 days ago by unclemick >> (goto)
 Any Advice?6 days ago by Two Moons >> (goto)
 Idea for a new feature. Localisable pedigree6 days ago by Hutchins >> (goto)
 Post your dogs stacked pictures... - pages | 2| 3| 6 days ago by danicalifornia55 >> (goto)
 Gottah love it when training and breeding come together6 days ago by Nans gsd >> (goto)
 Any help with Rottweiler 7 days ago by Nona999 >> (goto)
 Another SV Pink Papers vs AKC Registration Issue8 days ago by jerzypawlik >> (goto)
 Cutting toenails - pages | 2| 9 days ago by Blitzen >> (goto)

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