Dutch Shepherd Male for sale: Dual Purpose Police K9 Prospect Dutch shepherd (id: 259857)

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Dutch Shepherd - Male for sale

Dual Purpose Police K9 Prospect Dutch shepherd

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Big Dutchiegator Chief, available now for sale! Police K-9 Prospect male Dutch Shepherd Dual Purpose "Chief" fully trained advanced obedience and advanced bite work open body. "CIVIL DOG, NOT SPORT, NO BULL! VERY SERIOUS DUTCHIE" Excellent search and apprehension and search of the ball. Excellent noises orientation including whip, real gunfires, stick, whatever! Excellent family orientation. Excellent nerves. Very confident. HIGH BALL DRIVE! High prey and hunting drive! Full mouth bite, and grips. Fully housebroken and crate trained. available now for sale! Videos available upon request. Only serious inquires. STRONG WATCH DOG BEHIND THE FENCE!

Dual Purpose Police K9 Prospect Dutch shepherd

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